The Light Rail Committee’s position for Valley Rail from Vancouver to Chilliwack

The followingAi??Ai??Ai??Ai??is the Light Rail Committee’sAi??Ai??proposal for ‘rail’ transit,Ai??Ai?? from Vancouver to Chilliwack. Overview: Diesel powered TramTrain, track-sharing with mainline railways, except for portions of the route in Langley and Chilliwack.Ai??Ai??TramTrain is aAi??Ai??proven concept pioneered in Karlsruhe GermanyAi??Ai??in1992 andAi??Ai??now used in many cities in Europe and North America. Track-sharing enables light rail vehicles to extend […]

TramTrains for Bristol – A News Release From the LRTA

I include this news release from the LRTA because of the similarities with Rail For The Valley’s campaign to reinstate the Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban service. Diesel light-rail is of course, a tramtrain! PRESS RELEASE FROM TramForward 21 January 2009 TramForward suggests TramTrain for Bristol Metro Light rail campaign TramForward has welcomed support for the […]