Over 200 km of viaduct or tunnels will be needed for a Chilliwack to Whistler HST route. What will the cost be?

HST Madness!

When boys and girls play trains, especially high speed trains (HST) it is best they read a book on the subject before they embarrass themselves. Obviously, the “academics and urban planners, who believe such an infrastructure investment” have not read a book on the subject and are completely ignorant of the massive construction needed for […]


Another Gadgetbahnen Bites The Dust.

Nothing new here. Monorails are proprietary railways and suffer the same ills that come with proprietary transit systems. They are expensive to operate and maintain. Spare parts tend to be expensive and hard to get, especially when the manufacturer ceases production. With the proprietary Movia Automatic Light Metro, TransLink and Metro Vancouver will soon have […]

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PRT – Gadgetbahnen on Steroids.

From August, 2010. PRT – Gadgetbahnen on Steroids. Posted by zweisystem on Monday, August 23, 2010 Every few years, much is made of PRT or Personal Rapid Transit, as being the new way to move people. Except for a few specialized installations, such as Morgantown USA, PRT has proven to be both expensive for what […]

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Politicans Just Love Gadgetbahnen

  MAGLEV, the great Philosopher’s Stone for transportation, yet in practice, MAGLEV’s are extremely expensive and today, the high speed train is only slightly slower, much cheaper and far more flexible in operation. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Rumour has it that the Conservative Ontario Government wants to make the Ontario Line a MAGLEV. Politicians love […]


Bombardier’s Blundering Is Alstom’s Gain

Recent problems with Bombardier’s delivery of new trams for Toronto has made Canadian customers look elsewhere. For two long, Ottawa has twisted arms of Canadian transit operators to buy the Canadian Bombardier product, to keep production going, propping up the giant multinational company and garnering votes from Ontario and Quebec. This is not to say […]

Abandon SkyTrain 4

Memo to TransLink: When Aging Gadgetbahnen……………………..

One of the perils of expensive proprietary transit systems, is that they do not age well. The SkyTrain ALRT/ART mini metro Expo Line is now 30 years old and it is beginning to show its age, it stops; it goes kaput from time to time. With no drivers or attendants on board, the public start […]


The Perils of Proprietary Railways

The Sydney Australia monorail was another expensive and short lived line. Now torn down, Sydney is now investing in light rail. The pitfalls of buying into a proprietary railway are many; for what was once “high tech” and “state of the art”, soon becomes yesterday’s tech and obsolete. Owners of proprietary railways, like to sell […]


Not so reliable, our SkyTrain – Eh?

SkyTrain is on the fritz again. The problem with proprietary transit systems is that they age very poorly.   SkyTrain delayed by communication system disruption Vancouver Sun March 28, 2014 METRO VANCOUVER – TransLink says there are system-wide delays on SkyTrain today following a disruption to the communication system. SkyTrain is running single-track between Broadway […]


Transit News From Eastern Canada

An Artist’s rendering of the Laval aerial tramway Well, TransLink isn’t the only transit authority toying with the idea of an aerial tramway…. http://lavalnews.ca/article/Laval-PSC-leader-calls-aerial-tram-gimmick-192307 …….and I do believe an aerial tramway is a gimmick. Aerial tramways may prove to provide a transportationAi??solution for a unique transit problem, but they may cause more problems than they […]


Another Gadgetbahnen Bites the Dust – Las Vegas Monorail Files for Bankruptcy

This news is not surprising and well illustrates the nonsense pandered by the light-metro lobby that grade separated, automatic transit systems themselves attract ridership. Monorails are in fact proprietary light-metros and once one invest with monorail, it is stuck with both monorail and the supplier, which is very bad for future transit planning, with Vancouver […]