Massey Tunnel In The News

(Courtesy Integrity BC) Here we go again department. Once again the Massey Tunnel is in the news and every political hobby-horse is in play! Delta South MLA, farmer Ian Paton, wants the original Liberal inspired 10 lane bridge, which somehow will magically fix gridlock, while at the same time ignoring the fact that there is […]

Massey Tunnel Facts – Facts That No One Wanted The Public To Know

The alternative facts and fake news spewed by the BC Liberals, especially sitting MLA and still Delta Councillor, Ian Paton, Delta Mayor, Lois Jackson and the hoi polloi of car and truck drivers wanting a new $3.5 billion to over $5 billion mega bridge to replace the perfectly good George Massey Tunnel, have been shown […]

Proposed Massey Tunnel Bridge Replacement Is Now Said To Be $8 Billion More!

$8 billion is a lot of ‘spreadin around‘ money and $8 billion for one bridge seems a tad pricey. This bridge is not about traffic congestion or better transportation, this bridge is a gift to the Vancouver Port Authority so massive Panama Max. and Cape Max. colliers and tankers can navigate up the Fraser to […]

Metro Vancouver Rejectes Massey Tunnel Replacement Bridge

Bakken oil and thermal coal unit trains from the American mid west are the big driver for the Massey Tunnel replacement. As expected. The real reason for the bridge is, of course nothing to do with the safety issues with the tunnel, rather Fraser Surrey Docks want to bring Panama Max. tankers and colliers to […]

What about the Patullo Bridge?

Both the Patullo and the Fraser River rail bridges have well past their “best by” dates and desperately are in need of replacement. In 1978, the GVRD were poised to install a three leg light rail system on the region and to cross the Fraser river a new bridge would have to be built. Demonstrating […]

Clarks’s $3.5 Billion Vanity Project – A Gift To Surrey Docks

No, the George Massey Tunnel replacement bridge is not going to reduce congestion or bring faster commute times, the real reason for this bridge has nothing to do about transit or gridlock, it is all about LNG, Alberta Oil, and Montana coal. The folks who own Fraser Surrey Docks want T1 Supertankers sized tankers for […]