For Donna……….

Zwei must apologize, but with the end of school and many other commitments, but I will repost some interesting items about LRT and Broadway in the near future. For now I will add some European flavour, spiced with modern light rail. In Grenoble, lawned rights-of-ways are the norm, even on former arterial roads. Stations are […]

Rebalancing Our Transportation Network: A Case Study

Hamilton, Ontario has for long been promoting a Light Rail system for the city, details of their campaign can be found on the Hamilton Light Rail web site: Details of the economic case for Light Rail are: Similarly to Rail for the Valley in BC, the Hamilton Light RailAi??promoters are citing examples of […]

French Delights Part 3 – Grenoble

Ai??Ai?? Grenoble France, with a regional population ofAi??Ai??580,000 completed it’s first a modern tramwayAi??Ai??line in the 1987, after aAi??Ai??successful, but hard foughtAi??Ai??civicAi??Ai??referendum and has set the standardAi??Ai??for modern LRT not just in France, but for the EEC. The first tram (streetcar) line, Line A, currently 13 km with 29 stops, opened, followed by Line B […]

Lawned rights-of-ways = non-user friendly & green transit

In stark contrast to SkyTrain’s and RAV/Canada Line’s (in Richmond) ugly elevated concrete viaducts, Europe is greening their tram-lines. European transit authorities are lawning their tram routes, creating a park like atmosphere, which is further enhanced by trees, shrubbery and statuary. Tram lines, either ballast and tie on the ground or elevated on a viaduct […]