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5 light rail projects to watch this year

Which light rail Ai??projects should we be watching this year? Here are just 5 of the many projects developing around the world. They are at different stages and may have different reasons you should keep an eye on them, for example, to find out who will land major contracts or what will happen when it […]

Trams in the snow south norwood country park-17

Translink plays dead at the first lick of snow, but all over the world street level Light Rail & Tramways take the weather in their stride

In other words a few inches of snow doesn’t stop @ grade LRT/street level Tramways; a foot and so long as the snow sweaping is effective the LRV/Trams keep on operating. Croydon Tramlink TransLinkai??i??s bus company is expensive, inefficient and dysfunctional in inclement weather; US & European Tramways operate without a doubt in snow conditions. […]


Challenge Richard

SkyTrainai??i??s Expo Line was built in 1985 and opened in time for Expo 86 with 20 stations connecting Waterfront Station in Vancouver and King George Station in Surrey. Between 1985 & 2012; One Hundred & Fifty One full service tramways have been built & opened worldwide, with another 56 under construction or approval. The full […]


What have the Romans ever done for us?

Apart from the Aqueduct, Sanitation, the Roads, Irrigation, Medicine, Education, Public Health, Wine, Public Baths andAi??Law & Order. Taking the contemporary view; What have Translink ever done for us? Apart from: The U-Pass Fraud Fare Evasion The Evergreen Line Increased Transit ticket fees The Canada Line Express Bus Lines and the Broadway subway […]


Light Rail Fits in

Light Rail Fits in, that is unless you live in Vancouver where corruption, Canadian Transit Politics and incompetence threatens logic and commonsense Of all the modes of transport electric railways have proven to be the most successful in providing an alternative choice that entices people to leave their cars at home. With light rail it […]


Are modern streetcars the future?

Due to the small backlash to TransLink’s tax increases that were announced on Wednesday, the pro-LRT and pro-streetcar groups were out today promoting surface rail on CTV News as being cheaper and a fitting tribute to a past.Ai??Ai?? Are modern streetcars the future? Vancouver’s interurban train system — the first in Canada — […]


Nice Tramway – is now open and running – Lessons for the Broadway LRT Gang!

The following link shows the newly opened Nice LRT/tram system and shows how well modern LRT fits into urban centres. The nature of Broadway is going to change with both metro and LRT, the questions that merchants and residents must ask, which mode will enhance livability? There is much debate about that question, but until […]


More Tram Videos

Thank you for blog reader, David Cockle, for more European tram movies! Amsterdam. Budapest Basel Bern Nottingham. Croydon Tramlink. Nantes. Montpellier. Bordeaux. Freiburg Mulhouse. Barcelona. Dublin. Prague. Leipzig. Melbourne


Light Rail Fits In! Useful Links for LRT

A reader of this blog from the UK has sent Rail For The Valley some very useful links for those advocating for light rail. Zweisystem send a a hearty thank you!

Long tram

A 54 metre tram from Budapest

A new 54 metre Combino tram for Budapest Hungary, capacity 350 persons!