Bombardier's SkyTrain, a ruber tired people mover system.

Bombardier Is Building SkyTrain at LAX…..But, It ain’t Our SkyTrain!

  Los Angeles Airport (LAX)t is building a $5 billion SkyTrain system, which may cause confusion because in Bombardier’s line of transit systems, SkyTrain is a rubber tired people mover system and not the trains used on the Canada, Expo, and/or Millennium lines. Cries of shock and disbelief! The name SkyTrain, which was chosen by […]


A Rail Reniassance in L.A.

An interesting read from California. I wish the Provincial Government would read this quote; ai???Realistically speaking, thereai??i??s no new highway building in the, when planning for their bridge and highway vanity projects in Metro Vancouver. LOS ANGELES Daily News reports that Southern California planners are making strikes in a rail transit renaissance that owes […]


Who Killed Public Transportation in Los Angeles?

Why did the streetcars disappear, there many reasons and this news item may shed a little light from 50 to 60 years ago. “Who Killed Public Transportation in Los Angeles? Posted on 03 May 2014 by Craig Fitzgerald With Elon Muskai??i??s Hyperloop making news in Israel, the story of how Los Angelesai??i??s trolley system disintegrated […]

LA Streetcar

Around the US & Canada- Light Rail, Tram, Streetcar, LRT & Transit news

Late February has brought a mixed bag of news on Light Rail, Tram, Streetcar, LRT & Transit projects in North America, some positive & some negative. The Cardinal posts a selection of national, local press and on-line Blog reports. 1) Gray: Streetcars are a ‘Very Wise Decision’ Mayor Vincent Gray’s mixed track record with streetcars […]