Portland's aerial tramway.

Burnaby Jumps On the Gondola Bandwagon

Further proof that our regional politicians live in la,la land. Burnaby politicians want a $210 million plus gondola going to SFU. For added insult the gondola lobby is playing the environmental/global warming card, which is sheer utter nonsense. What Zwei sees is a municipal quid, pro quo between the three largest cities in metro Vancouver […]


The Realities of Subway Mania In Lotus Land

  The realities of subway mania. Vancouver politicians live in “The Land of the Loyus Eaters”, when it comes to transit. In Greek mythology the lotus-eaters, were a race of people living on an island dominated by the Lotus tree. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a […]

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Reality Can Be A Bitch – Two FastFerry Fiascos For Metro Vancouver

As of yet, there is no real cost estimate for the Broadway Subway and reality is setting in that it will be in excess of $3 billion, unless the scope of the project is reduced, as was done to the Canada line. One persistent rumour I hear is that the Millennium Line subway extension to […]