Montreal's REM

Montreal’s REM Goes Kaput

The problem with automatic (driverless) light metros is that when the system fails, the entire system fails. Regular customers of Vancouver’s SkyTrain light-metro can attest to this. There are many issues that a automatic transit system must deal with, including computer issues and maintenance. Poor maintenance leads to computer issues and maintenance is expensive. Automatic […]

REM  goes Ka-Put

REM – The Karma Vanishes As REM Goes Ka-Put

Despite all the hype and hoopla with Montreal’s new REM light metro, the first day’s service was a shambles. A stuck switch, on opening day? This is a bad omen for the light metro system. With an at-grade tram or light rail, a stuck switch can be operated manually, but on a fully automatic and […]

Artists rendering of REM in Montreal

Montreal Light Metro Ills. Updated!

The current transit problem in Montreal is REM light metro problem. REM is more of a financial tool for Quebec’s Caisse de Depot, who have gained much experience with Vancouver’s P-3 Canada Line light-metro, than a user-friendly transit system for Montreal. Let us remember that the Canada Line, has only 40 metre long station platforms […]

Canada Line Platforms

What’s wrong with the REM?

The Canada Line’s big cousin, Montreal’s REM. The problem with REM. like the Canada line is that it is more of a financial tool than a public transit line and because of this, the transit customer has been ignored. A healthy transit system offers multiple ways to get between points A and B — not […]

TransLink cartoon

Public Transit In Canada – All About Profits and Politics

Just like the Canada Line, politics and profits; REM is the Canada line on steroids. Just like transit planning in Metro Vancouver, it isn’t about providing better transit options, it is all about profit and politics, rezoning, demovictions, and building high rent towers and high rise condos. And like Vancouver, Montreal calls it’s light metro […]


Montreal’s REM – The Canada Line’s Financial Clone

  Like the Canada Line light-metro, REM’s funding comes from the the Caisse de dépot et placement du Québec (CDPQ) and being built by Canadian favourite, SNC Lavalin. Bombardier Inc., again got pipped at the post by a desperate Alstom/Hitachi conglomerate desperately trying to sell their light-metro system. Like the Canada Line, is grossly under […]


The Canada Line P-3, A Template for Graft and Corruption in Montreal

As we all should know, the Caisse is the main finical backer of the Canada Line faux P-3 and using the BC Liberal P-3 process as a template, the Caisse is now funding Montreal’s highly controversial REM light metro project. As built, the Canada Line is a dwarf metro system that uses electrical multiple units […]