There is a steady downward trend for transit mode share in Metro Vancouver

The Mayor’s Council On Transit – Blah, Blah, Blah

  It is quite apparent that the Mayor’s council on Transit is nothing more than a PR stunt and nothing more, as all major transit decisions are made in the Premier’s Office. The mainstream media’s research for news stories is lacking, because it is the Metro Vancouver (not BC) Mayor’s Council on Transit. TransLink loves […]

A Trillium Line DMU in the snow.

The Trillium Line – The Template For Valley Rail and the E&N

Ottawa’s Trillium, often mistakenly called LRT by the media is actually a DMU operation, using existing railway right-of-ways. In fact, the Trillium Line is in no way connected to Ottawa’s troubled hybrid light metro/rail system. The Trillium Line is a single track, with three passing sidings on dedicated rights-of-way shared with Ottawa Central freight trains […]

Limmattalbahn, Switzerlandd's newest tramway.

Switzerland’s Newest Tramway – From the Light Rail Transit Association

Interesting news from Switzerland. I have reprinted this story from the LRTA’s February’s issue Light Rail and Urban Transport to illustrate the cost of a modern European style tramway (LRT). The 13.4 km Limmattalbahn cost €607 million or CAD $884 million or about $65 million a kilometre to build! Compare this with $4.6 t0 $5 […]


Vested Interests

Vested interests: Reason for involvement in an undertaking or situation, especially an expectation of financial or other gain. Vested interests is the real reason for transit planning in metro Vancouver. It is also the reason why the SkyTrain Lobby is so powerful because they are the useful idiots of vested interests. Harsh words indeed. Despite […]

Broadway closed

The Broadway suybway Will Sterilize Buisness – Repost

The following news story reminds me of the Cambie St. subway fiasco with the Canada line subway. Fake tears from the city of Vancouver politicians, TransLink and the provincial NDP masquerade the fact that they knew this was going to happen and they do not give a damn about the merchants involved. Vancouver business closing […]

A Karlsruhe TramTrain in a rural setting

TramTrain – Success Ignored

Rail for the Valley’s goal is the reintroduction of a modern Vancouver to Chilliwack interurban service, using the former and still in use, BC Electric route. This route would provide good rail communication for Vancouver, Cloverdale, Langley, Abbotsford, the burgeoning communities of Vedder/Sardis and finally Chilliwack, with regularly scheduled regional rail service. 15 years ago […]

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 10-26-01 I you repeat a lie cartoon - Google Search


Here we go again! It seems trouble is brewing on Broadway and for the sixth time since Jan.1 a media outlet has repeated the TransLink and City of Vancouver’s nonsense that Broadway is the busiest transit route in North America. Well it isn’t and never was and my guess is that TransLink, the provincial NDP […]


Doing The Same Thing Over Again Just Will Not Work

After receiving a number of abusive amount of Emails about the post (all deleted), has indicated to me that most people do not have a firm grounding in modern public transport philosophy, nor a good knowledge of provincial finances. Most forget, that in the end, both LRT and light metro are trains and there is […]

A Karlsruhe TramTrain in deep snow in the countryside.

SkyTrain Again Fails in the Snow

I find it more than interesting that our hugely expensive rapid transit system once again fails in the snow. Oh, the excuses are many but TransLink, the Minister of Transportation and the premier will never admit to the fact that our SkyTrain light metro system just isn’t up to scratch in adverse weather. Even the […]

BC Transit Rail

How Metro Vancouver’s Regional Transit Planning Has continued To Get It Wrong!

Please Deliver to Mayor and Council   From: Rail for the Valley     My name is (name withheld by request)  and I have been involved with transit issues in the lower mainland for four decades. I have been a forty year member of the Light Rail Transit Association and through my long membership, I […]