The Mayors Council’s Tunnel Vision

It is hard to believe, that group of hapless politicians have just signed a death warrant for transit in the region. The Mayors Council on Transit just gave the OK to build a SkyTrain subway to UBC, which means the rest of the region can kiss goodbye to any sort of credible transit planning for […]

Expo Line Goes Kaput – Canada line Ills – TransLink’s Bad Day

The aging SkyTrain system is having many troubles today. One of the big problems with expensive light-metro lines is the lack of redundancy in the system. With the huge costs to build just one line, only one line is built, unlike mature light rail systems, where multiple lines offers redundancy in the system if problems […]

“Puff Story” – Headline Grabber!

So, are you reading this post because of the photo? (no one was killed in the accident shown) If you are, you were drawn in by a “headline grabber”, or a story or picture to ‘grab’ the reader to read further. Sorry to disappoint , but we continue with so called transit report cards. Zwei […]

A Vancouver Sun $8.5 Billion Puff Piece

The Vancouver Sun, as always, has embarrassedAi?? itself with another transit “Puff Piece”. Nathan Pachall is not a transit expert, rather a politician and a seemingly TransLink apologist. Zwei would never dare to do a report card on transit because there are so many variables involved. No one has copied Merto Vancouver’s TransLink, nor it’s […]

Road Pricing – One More Slurp At The Trough

From Bob Mackin and the Breaker. Zwei has studied “Road Pricing” and “Congestion Charging” for over 20 years and the very first rule for a successful road pricing scheme is that the region have a user friendly and affordable public transit alternative. With TransLink we don’t…….. not even close and TransLink is so incompetent at […]

Sapperton – Sapperton Station.

Sapperton Station (New Westminster) on the old BCE Burnaby lake Interurban Line, C. 1930’s. A full build, Vancouver to Chilliwack TramTrain, could once again have a Sapperton Station.

Bring It On!

It seems the message is getting through and the recent pouts and threats from TransLink officials about drastic cuts to local transit services, if road pricing is not implemented, is falling on rather deaf ears, especially south of the Fraser River. TransLink’s ponderous bureaucracy just cannot provide a decent transit service now, how can the […]

A Tale of Two Bridges: Pattullo survey in New West opposes six lane replacement

It seems the good burghers in New Westminster do not want a mega bridge dumping traffic into their city. In the 1970’s, the GVRD (pre-METRO Vancouver days) proposed a new six lane bridge, with two lift spans for railways,Ai?? plus two light rail lines to replace replacing the decrepit Fraser River Rail bridge and the […]

Around Canada

A column published by The National Post says Toronto has a fetish for streetcars and what the city really needs is more rapid transit subways to make it a world class urban area. The commentary compares Toronto with London and its Tube system: Every city with aspirations for greatness insists on good transit, and subways […]

New Westminster’s Interurban station C.1949

Here is a vintage video of BC Electric’s New Westminster depot. [youtube=]