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In our local ongoing transit debate the SkyTrain lobby and those who are just anti-LRT pointed fingers at Ottawa’s new transit system’s teething problems as a failed LRT line. For two years, local politicos and the media happily reported even minor problem and mishap with Ottawa’s light rail line while at the same time ignoring […]

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Ottawa’s Ongoing LRT Drama

When  politicians get involved with transit, fiasco happens. When light-metro pretends to be light rail, fiasco happens. When the media’s ignorance of light-metro and light rail is so evident and they fail to ask important questions, fiasco happens. This article about the operational ills of Ottawa’s new light metro system (though the Ottawa light-metro uses […]

When the driverless SkyTrain breaks down.

Over to You Mr. Cow – The Vancouver Sun’s Recent “Puff” SkyTrain Story

This comment from Mr. Cow deserves a post of its own as there is so much information here, it deserves a wider audience. As Mr. Cow is a Canadian Transit Engineer, his comments are well worth reading. When SkyTrain ‘crapped-out’ in the Summer of 2014 there were no drivers or attendants to oversee the evacuation […]


Ottawa’s new LRV’s Are Arriving

News from Ottawa. The picture is of the front end of the new 49 metre trams arriving in Ottawa.  


Committee approves Ottawa light rail transitai??i??s $3-billion second phase design

I think $3 billion is a tad too expensive, but I am sure Mr. Haveacow will explain the reasons why. I still maintain that we must plan and build LRT much cheaper than we are currently doing. On another issue, the claim that: ” noise and vibrations ai??i?? both from the construction and trains themselves […]

Ottawa Developements

From our friend Haveacow from Ottawa On November 7, 2014 the western tunnel segment and central tunnel segment became one segment. The tunnel for the LRT system in Ottawa is being dug in 3 individual segments, what is called the Sequential Tunneling Technique. This means faster tunneling and gives a certain amount of space in […]


The Benefits of Light Rail – Canada Style

Ottawa Light Rail Transforming our Nation’s Capital Hamilton, Ontario TheAi??academics view, Advantages of Light Rail Transit

Ottawa LRT

CFRA News-Talk Radio posted this report on April 22nd about a possible alignment for the leg of the Ottawa starter light rail line west of downtown. The route dubbed Richmond Underground is the favourite of city officials for the second phase of the light rail transit route that would link Tunney’s pasture to the […]


Light Rail Vehicle & Tramcar orders – 2013

The following table gives the totals for Trams/LRV’s on order + options, as at February 2013 Source Tramways & Urban Transit No 904 April 2013 Manufacturer City’s Orders Options Sub-Total Orders Pending Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? Ai?? OrdersAi?? Options Alstom Bordeaux, Dubai, Nottingham, Ottawa, Paris, Toulouse 188 91 2701 792 587 AnsaldoBreda Genoa, Firenza 68 7 […]

Canadaai??i??s light rail renaissance

From the International Railway Journal Light rail is experiencing a renaissance in cities throughout Canada with various new lines planned and some currently under construction. LIKE most cities across the world, Canada’s leading urban centres suffer from traffic congestion leaving many residents wasting time in their cars. In recent years light rail schemes have […]