And Light Rail Transit – Premier Horgan, Are You Listening? From 2017

And Light Rail Transit – Premier Horgan, Are You Listening?   Evidently not!   Posted by zweisystem on Thursday, July 27, 2017 What this story does not mention is that Portland has an extensive LRT/streetcar network, a transit network designed to meet the needs of the transit customer. Unlike Metro Vancouver where transit is built […]

A Letter in the Sun

Strange that, after the resounding NO vote in the recent plebiscite, the Vancouver Sun has been giving ink to some very pro LRT writers, in both the Op-Ed section and the Letters To The Editor Section. Saturday, July 18: Portland LRT grounded in reality Vancouver Sun July 17, 2015 Letter writer Ray Arnoldai??i??s decision to […]


Do Buses Actually Ease Gridlock?

So some people think that adding more buses will solve our endemic transit gridlock, yet buses themselves contribute to traffic congestion. There is a strong bus lobby that continually advocates buying more buses, yet when more buses are operated, congestion and gridlock just continues. In Portland, transit official reckon that one tram or LRV, is […]

A former 4 lane arterial road with lawned

LRT plan for Victoria has mayor nervously eyeing bill – From the Vancouver Sun

An interesting item in the Vancouver Sun. It should be noted that BC Transit, who oversaw the Victoria light rail planning, has a vested interest in keeping construction costs for LRT high as BC Transit was also the organization thatAi??oversaw the implementation of the first SkyTrain line in Vancouver and their anti-LRT bias has carried […]

Portland LRV

US Light Rail news

Summary from Trains News Wire: Feds fund more streetcars and light rail Published: January 21, 2011 WASHINGTON, D.C. The Federal Transit Authority, a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, announced that it had signed agreements to fund five rail transit projects on Friday. The grant includes funds for a unique light rail project in […]


News From Portland – Trams and Light Rail

The newly-redesigned Portland Streetcar website is especially informative, and is doing a great job reporting on the week-by-week progress of our forthcoming east side (of the Willamette River) streetcar line. For example, see for a video visualization of the new line, and also which has a good map and discussion of the current […]

Portland’s Ice Storms – A Chilling Reminder That Mother Nature Is Unpredictable

Zweisystem was in Portland during the 2007 ice storm and what an experience. Portland’s car drivers seemed ill equipped to deal with ice and tried to drive like it was snow and the following video shows the results. [youtube=] The following video shows a four car MAX train clearing the ice build up in the […]

MAX in snow

LRT versus BUSES – Why Portland chose light rail – from the LRTA

The following article written by Gerald Fox,Ai??Ai??former TriMet Rail Corridor Manager, is well worth a read as it gives good insight why Portland opted for modern light rail. Gerald Fox, one must remember is the same chap, who in the early 90’s, published a study, “A comparison of Automated Guided Transit (AGT) and Light […]


From the ‘Other’ Vancouver – The Vancouver Columbian "All aboard!’ in Dallas, Seattle, Portland"

ItAi??Ai??seems light-rail is very well spoken of in the other ‘Vancouver‘ (Vancouver Washington State) and one wishes that our local media types would write a few positive things about the worlds most built public transit mode. One would also hope that the mainstream media would entertain a few investigative reports on our light-metro system instead […]

Green Line

From the Seattle Times – TriMet opens MAX Green Line in Oregon

Portland continues to expand its light rail network with the opening of the Green Line. The Green line is 13.35 km. long and cost CAD $619.45 million or CAD $46.4 million per km. The higher cost of Portland’s Green line can be attributed to the fact that the new light rail-line parallels Highway 205 and […]