News From Portland – Trams and Light Rail

The newly-redesigned Portland Streetcar website is especially informative, and is doing a great job reporting on the week-by-week progress of our forthcoming east side (of the Willamette River) streetcar line. For example, see http://portlandstreetcar.org/node/16 for a video visualization of the new line, and also http://portlandstreetcar.org/node/12 which has a good map and discussion of the current [...]


From the Light Rail Now folks – Portland: The freeway city that might have been A?ai??i??ai??? without light rail

The following is from the Light Rail NowAi??Ai??http://www.lightrailnow.org/index.htmAi??Ai?? folks in the USA and gives an interesting insight on how Portland’s LRT stopped highway expansion in the city, giving some valuable lessons for those advocating the return of the interurban. Portland, Oregon is certainly a model of the benefits a good light rail transit (LRT) system [...]


Urban Transit News from the Light Rail Transit Association ~ Oregon streetcar gamble starts to pay off

Oregon streetcar gamble starts to pay off : The project to set up a US tram manufacturing capability in the Oregon city of Portland seems to be paying off. After last month’s order for six Czech-licensed cars for Portland, Oregon Iron Works has announced a USD 26 M order for seven trams of the 10T [...]