The Downfall of Rob Ford’s Subway Vision

A rather clever sendup of Canadian Transport Planning & PoliticsA fan of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford takes the news of his failure to extend the Sheppard Subway rather poorly. Clip from the film ‘Downfall’ aka “Der Untergang” Copyright Ai?? 2004 Constantin Brillliant! also TTC: Rob Ford & Transit City


TTC chief: Subway expansion for downtown relief line has to be discussed ai???right nowai??i??

National Post The real issue for Ford isn’t subways, it’s keeping the roads LRT-free for cars. He’d rather have no transit whatsoever than build light-rail. This mayor is all about catering to the single-occupant motorist. All that SUBWAAAYS bluster was fake. This man has ZERO respect for the decision of our ELECTED City Council, […]


The following press release was sent out today, in response to the provincial government’s announcement today of transit implementation studies:

Today, the province and Translink announced implementation studies for rapid transit lines to UBC and to Surrey (see link). According to the provincial Transit Plan, the estimated cost of these expansions is $2.8 billion (UBC) and $1.1 billion (Surrey), assuming elevated SkyTrain is chosen. This would work out to $180 million/km for the line in Surrey and more than $200 million/km for the UBC subway line.