A Letter To North Shore Mayors

Continues from my previous post. Zwei sent the following Email to the North Shore Mayor’s and Councils one week ago. I would also like to thank Mr. Cow for info used. Interestingly I have been in communication with one of the North Shore Mayors who wants more information. In this day and age, with so […]

The Ultimate BRT

Here we have the next generation of rapid bus. I understand Translink is sending stakeholders (first class) to see the new BRT in Action. Rumour has that the first trials will take place the first day of April, 2012. The following is a preview of the new  BRT. BRT Vision I think I'll take a tram […]

Solve bus problems: Make TransLink accountable

It takes a #49 bus driver to talk sense on the overcrowding issue, but is anyone listening? Note to TransLink: Being passed by by your bus makes the transit service seem customer unfriendly and unless one has a ‘cheap‘ bus pass, taking the bus becomes a second or thirdAi??transit option, with the car being the […]

You could waste away waiting for guided bus

cambridge-news.co.uk http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Home/You-could-waste-away-waiting-for-guided-bus.htm Let's make no bones about it – we’re all getting on a bit while we wait for the guided bus to arrive. But two “passengers” at the busway stop in Swavesey really have reached the end of the line. A pair of skeletons have been spotted close to the track, appropriately appearing on […]

Flagship BRT Fizzles in the USA

Bus Rapid Transit or BRT is the transit flavour ‘du jour’ of BC politicians. Any mention of transit in the region ultimately leads to BRT, as if it was the grand panacea to solve our transit woes. The trouble is, our politicos have never read a book about public transit,Ai??let aloneAi??perused the chapter on buses. […]

The latest Transit Study – initial reaction from Rail For the Valley

The latest Transit Study for the Fraser Valley (the one that cost $400,000 and promised to look at the Interurban) has finally been released by the Provincial government, almost a year late, and right before Christmas.   We never held out much hope for this study, seeing as its scope was limited to the FVRD […]

Bus Rapid Transit Vs. Light Rail

Too often theAi??Bus versus Light Rail debate omits to mention the operational costs associated with public transport.Ai?? This is the great weakness of the bus when there are significant numbers of passengers to be carried. Official American cost comparisons show that the cost of carrying a passenger on light rail is approximately 2/3rds that of […]

Brisbane, Australia (BRT) Bus Rapid Transit

If there could be any doubt, of the cost effectiveness and the capability to relieve urban congestion of Bus Rapid Transit [BRT], study the following image of Brisbaneai??i??s system. http://www.translink.com.au/about-translink/what-we-do/infrastructure-projects/busways TransLink in BC are actively promoting BRT as the answer for transit in the Fraser Valley, they & the City mayors & councillors who are […]

"Misguided" Busway Part 2

More news about Cambridge’s “Misguided” bus or BRT. Instead of being simple and cheap alternative to a ‘rail’ solution, the Cambridge BRT is ending up costing Ai??Ai??more than reinstating the rail line for DMU/EMU or tram service. The real question needed to be answered will be: “For all the cost and delay, will the Cambridge […]

Ai??A?76m Leigh Guided Busway on hold over cost fears – From the Manchester Evening News

Postings in other blogs have been painting an all too rosy a picture of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and this post should level the playing field somewhat. Just as a note, the Cambridge “Misguided Busway” is built on a former railway formation which greatlyAi??Ai??reduced initial cost estimatesAi??Ai??and as the guided bus project now stands, it […]