The North Shore’s “Hobson’s Choice”

From: Rail for the Valley For the past 17 years, Rail for the Valley has advocated for the “return of the interurban” on the former Vancouver to Chilliwack BC Electric interurban line that still connects Vancouver to Chilliwack, via Surrey/Cloverdale; Langley; Abbotsford and Vedder/Sardis. Rail for the Valley, due to the soundness of the plan, […]

We Have Done It All Wrong

I am recovering from a classic “heart attack” and after four stents and severe lectures from the surgeons, it was made amply clear, I had it all wrong. Three days in bed at Royal Colombian Hospital, gave me much time to think. That time on my back also made it amply clear, that we are […]

A Letter To North Shore Mayors

Continues from my previous post. Zwei sent the following Email to the North Shore Mayor’s and Councils one week ago. I would also like to thank Mr. Cow for info used. Interestingly I have been in communication with one of the North Shore Mayors who wants more information. In this day and age, with so […]

Pipe Dreams

Transit studies are a “dime a dozen” in metro Vancouver, yet few are ever used for the simple fact that rapid transit is built for strictly politcal reasons and not for the needs of the transit customer. Kennith Chan and the Hive is pro SkyTrain, yet he know very little about the local transit system, […]

As Zwei Has Predicted…..

After all the raspberries that came my way about the Broadway Subway, I have been somewhat vindicated. The construction delays also translates into increased costs and with an election around the corner, the current government will wait until after the election to give the bad news. It also explains the puff piece in the Tyee […]

Should We Convert The Canada Line to Light Rail?

Updated for 2024  With Covid-19, this becomes more important than ever. Right now we have a Hobson’s choice for regional rail transit, extend the Millennium and Expo Lines and continue using the proprietary Movia Automatic Light Metro or nothing. This must change and change soon, or the hugely expensive SkyTrain light metro system will become […]

Trouble In Paradise

When TransLink’s mouthpiece, the Hive prints negative stories about SkyTrain tells me that things are very bad. When your best friends are giving you the ‘raspberry’, maybe it’s time to do things differently. “Terrible lately”: Vancouver transit riders react to disruption frequency Amir Ali|Apr 12 2024 Daily Hive Some Vancouver transit riders are alleging an […]

And You Think SkyTrain is Cheaper Than Light Rail -Think Again!

Who says LRT is too expensive? The estimated cost to rehab both the Expo and Millennium Lines is now topping $4 billion (now, not including rail, OHE, stations and cars) and with already $1.47 billion spent on resignalling the proprietary automatic railway, the cost now seems to be well over $5 billion for 16 km […]

Here We Go Again!

BROADWAY IS NOT THE BUSIEST TRANSIT ROUTE IN CANADA It seems trouble is brewing on Broadway, buildings are sagging and media keeps repeating the TransLink and City of Vancouver’s nonsense that Broadway is the busiest transit route in North America. Well it isn’t and never was and my guess is that TransLink, the provincial NDP […]

Mr. Cow Told You So! A Switching Problem!

Our friend Mr. Haveacow, predicted this some years ago and there were many who pooh-poohed this. I even had a local politician warning me not to spread misinformation, with a hint of legal proceedings. Why so touchy on the subject? It looks like TransLink and the Mayor’s Council on Transit are trying to hide the […]