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Translink plays dead at the first lick of snow, but all over the world street level Light Rail & Tramways take the weather in their stride

In other words a few inches of snow doesn’t stop @ grade LRT/street level Tramways; a foot and so long as the snow sweaping is effective the LRV/Trams keep on operating. Croydon Tramlink TransLinkai??i??s bus company is expensive, inefficient and dysfunctional in inclement weather; US & European Tramways operate without a doubt in snow conditions. […]

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An interesting thought

An interesting thought: Has anyone made or care to make a calculation of the annual lives saved; medical costs saved;Ai??Ai??insurance not paid out; etc.,Ai??if the Fraser Valley had a regularly scheduled TramTrain service from Chilliwack to Vancouver? This an especially important question today, with the scores of accidents and injuries, just on Tuesday on the […]

Glattalbahn Zurich

ZA?A?rich celebrates the opening of the final Auzelg A?ai??i??ai??? Stettbach section of the Glattalbahn light rail project

Glattfest celebrates Glattalbahn completion  SWITZERLAND: Project promoter Zürcher Verkehrsverbund and concessionaire Verkehrsbetriebe Glattal organised a day of festivities to celebrate the opening of the final Auzelg — Stettbach section of the Glattalbahn light rail project north of Zürich on December 11. The completed route runs from Stettbach to Zürich Airport via Wallisellen, Auzelg and […]

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A Tram for All Seasons

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer Praise for our ice-beating tram staff from the people of Croydon AMID the gridlocked roads, cancelled trains and rerouted buses, there was one form of transport that remained on the right track during last week’s snowfall. Croydon’s trams weathered the conditions to run a near-perfect […]

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How would Montreal’s tramways have fared in this week’s snow storm?

How would tramways have fared in this week’s Montreal snowstorm? By Andy Riga Wed, Dec 8 2010 Whenever the topic of returning tramways to Montreal streets comes up, someone mentions our city’s rough winters. The issue came up a couple of weeks ago when IAi??wrote abouta Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal study (PDF here). […]

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Good News Story

Croydon residents praise Tramlink heroes for keeping service running through snow Croydon Guardian As trains were cancelled throughout last week and buses struggled to get around due to icy roads, Croydonai??i??s Tramlink managed to run a regular service. A heroic effort from the Tramlink team mean the service was, at times, the only reliable […]

Trams in the snow south norwood country park-32

Light Rail & Tram systems do not stop for snow!

From Thursday 17 December 2009 to Friday 15 January 2010 the United Kingdom experienced a spell of very low temperatures and significant snowfalls which affected almost the whole country. This was the most widespread and prolonged spell of this type across the UK since December 1981/January 1982. Large areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland […]

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Croydon Tramlink in the Snow

 The bad weather of January 2010 presented an excellent opportunity to photograph Britains premier Tram system coping with the adverse weather conditions. Despite huge amounts of chaos on the roads and railways throughout the south east of England, the trams were running normally and were very well used .

In the snow, go Diesel LRT! The E & N’s RDC’s (D-LRT’s big cousins) had no problems!

  Snow pulls Islanders onto E&N trains   Ridership jumped nearly 50% since snowstorms hit   by Darrell Bellaart, Times-Colonist, December 30, 2008   More Vancouver Islanders are choosing to travel by train when the roads get too slushy and slippery to drive. Southern Rail, which operates the E&N railway from Victoria to Courtenay, saw […]

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The wheezy SkyTrain – a real snow job!

Again, SkyTrain embarrassed itself during the snowy Christmas holiday. For over a week TransLink announced fewer, longer trains, manual operation, service disruptions and complete systems shutdowns. SkyTrain is not a new system, being in operation 23 years, there should be no ‘Gremlins’ to fix, but SkyTrain proved again, when it snows in Vancouver DO NOT […]

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