A Pricey Massey Tunnel Bridge Repacement Wonai??i??t Clear Up Congestion

As the local newspapers try to deal with the proposed Massey Tunnel replacement, Metro News has an interesting article. In reality, the Massey Tunnel, replacement bridge will not alleviate congestion, rather just move it from Delta to Richmond. Now Eric Chris may want to correct Zwie on this, but here is the problem. There are […]


Vancouver considers higher-density housing plans for Cambie Street corridor – Have we given land developers a $2.5 billion subsidy?

From the ‘Well I told you so department’. In Vancouver, expensive subways are built not to move people, but toAi??subsidize land development. Readers of the Rail for the Valley blog know that this announcement was predicted and why there much hype and hoopla in the mainstream media with the recently opened Canada line metro; the […]

MLA says TransLink priorities are wrong

From the Oh what a suprise Department Look after south of Fraser before considering UBC Ai?? The Delta Optimist April 20, 2011 Ai?? TransLink better get its priorities straight and look at improving services south of the Fraser River before looking for money to build a SkyTrain line to UBC. Ai?? Delta South MLA […]

Valenciennes Avenue Geoge Clemenceau

The Sunday Supplement Essay

The fall out from Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts State of the City report Tuesday, has raged far & wide in the BC papers and on the blogosphere, not unexpectedly much of the debate has centered on the link between transport or transit, development or land use and city planning, residential unit design or population density. […]

Mayors face tax dilemma

 More thoughts on the TransLink/regional mayors funding debate. What I do not see is any hint of fiscal responsibility from TransLink, just demands for more money with dire threats on what will happen if funding doesn't come through. In South Delta, three bus routes, the C-84, C-89 and the 609, which operate at 60 minute headways or […]

Langley, Surrey mayors push for light rail funding

Thanks to the South Fraser Blog for pointing out this article in the Langley Advance about the federal budget: Langley Township Mayor Rick Green said he is not sure that all the money will go to “shovel ready” projects. Some of the projects may be a couple years away from starting construction, Green said. Green […]