Surrey LRT News.

I think a tad optimistic. Huge costs for what is basically an on-street/at-grade tram is staggering and it seems TransLink has pulled out the stops to gold-plate this project, which has now become a road project, rather than a LRT project. That no one with real experience in building with LRT has been involved, tells […]

Surrey LRT

More Pre Election Transit News – Monty Python Plans For Transit

Unlike the mainstream media, the Georgia Straight always has better reporting on the local transit scene. This is nothing more than a staged media event featuring two growingly unpopular Mayors, Hepner and Roberts and the ever unpopular TransLink. With a May election looming the Liberals need to show that they are doing something, while the […]

Surrey LRT

The Pre Election BS Begins!

Let’s see now……election in May; a provincial Premier who doesn’t give a damn about regional transit; political donors getting restless for payback; yes the BC Liberal BS machine is in full swing. A $100 million/km LRT that goes nowhere and a $3.2 billion subway that goes nowhere, yes the BC Liberals are hard at it. […]


Ontario Could Get Half Of Ottawaai??i??s $3.4B Transit Infrastructure Money This Year

No surprise here, as Ontario holds the key for the Liberals reelection in three years hence and the Libs need some transit projects to cut ribbons in front of. BC, as always will get crumbs, but we well deserve it as regional politicians still want hugely expensive vanity projects so they can cut ribbons in […]


Surrey LRT – Paying More for Less

Modern lawned tramway in France, will be also be used in Liege. What I wish to illustrate that the 11 km, 21 stop Liege tramway, including 19 Citadis trams, will cost about CAD$51 million/km to build. As well, P-3’s are not a transit funding panacea. The $51 million/km to build is based on a very […]


Begging For Cash

As the old adage says; “When beggars knock at the door, rush out the back door and check the chickens”; Premier Clark is off to Ottawa begging for some cash for her two ill-found vanity transit projects, the $3 billion Broadway subway and the $2.3 billion Surrey LRT, that local voters rejected in the past […]


When Idiots Run For Election, They Promice Anything!

So the Federal Liberals are promising $2.1 billion for Surrey’s ill designed and poorly thought out proposed LRT and the Conservatives are planning to do the same as well. Don’t these idiots realize that the regional taxpayer rejected this very same LRT line in the plebiscite held last spring? I doubt it as both federal […]


Surrey’s Proposed LRT Advances

Looks like the proposed three line LRT network in Surrey, is advancing. The old anti-LRT rhetoric continues, despite well over thirty years of commercial operation by over 500 tram/LRT lines around the world that disproves this nonsense. No mention that only seven Skytrain systems have been built since the late 1970’s mind you, demonstrates that […]


Coffee and Trams in Bad Wildbad.

Here we have a Karlsruhe TramTrain at a station or stop in BadAi?? Wildbad in Germany. It seems the closeness of the tram line, winding through the town doesn’t seem to excite the locals, including the folks have a coffee at the track side cafe! One wonders, could such an idyllic scene be possible in […]

Why Is TransLink’s Price for Light Rail Triple What Other Cities Pay?

Arguments for spending billions on SkyTrain along Broadway rest on oddly high estimates for the alternative: light rail. ByAi??Kathryn Mandell and Patrick M. Condon, Today, Future interrupted? Why is Vancouver light rail assumed to be three times more expensive than elsewhere? Image source: Steer Davies Gleave.Ai??Ai??Ai?? An extremely expensive decision for taxpayers looms […]