If the UK is Reinstating former Passenger Routes, Why Can’t We?

Really, $4.6 billion to build 12.8 km of light-metro is an awful lot of money for so small increase in a rail route; 5.8 km to extend the Millennium Line in Vancouver and 7 km in Surrey. By comparison, $1.5 billion would provide a 130 km Vancouver to Chilliwack service, with three trains per hour […]

Zwei’s Road Trip To The Future

  During this Covid-19 emergency, getting housebound is just collateral damage, so Zwei fired up the family chariot and went on a road trip through south Surrey, Langley, Huntington, Yarrow, Vedder Crossing, and Chillwack/Rosedale and was astounded by the mass of development, especially in the Vedder, Promontory areas. Any politician today, who states or claims […]

Chilliwack Event notice – June 22 – PIPE UP Network

This was received from the Pipe Up Network. It seems like a great opportunity for supporters of Rail for the Valley. See below, and check out the link.   The PIPE UP Network is hosting an event that Rail for the Valley supporters may be interested in. Ai??The event is titled “Going Forward, Leading Change: […]

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Velo Rail – Touring France by bicycle on rail!

A new way to use old railway lines in FranceAi??- Velo Rail. I wonder if RftV could get one in operation, from Chilliwack to Yarrow, on the days the freight train doesn’t operate. For more information on a Velo Rail holiday, please visit…….. http://www.veloraildularzac.com/UK/Velorail_du_larzac_accueil.awp