Time to put pressure on officials

Time to put pressure on officials

The Times July 13, 2010


Regarding the remarks of Mayor Sharon Gaetz and Coun. Diane Janzen and those of previous mayors and councils about transit:

They are very parochial and short-sighted. They do not see the big valley picture (which includes Abbotsford, Langley and a large portion of Surrey) that has a need of a future light rail service for the south side our Fraser Valley.

Mayor and council could and should show more positives than negatives to the light rail concept for Chilliwack plus the other areas to be involved.

Yes, it’s not part of the city of Chilliwack’s mandate. Yes, Chilliwack doesn’t have money for light transit. Yes, the provincial and federal governments are broke. Yes, demographics indicate that there aren’t the numbers to support a transit system to-day. So what?

All that does not mean that planning for for a light rail system should be ignored or delayed.

Cooperation with all parties involved should agree on the need and the basic system but not get bogged-down with the details for now. It’s too early for that.

Promote the need of a light rail system for the Fraser Valley. Get with it.

Advise the approximately two million souls west of us who and where we are and the need for valley public transportation that doesn’t exist today. Apply pressure on the public and officials to gain their approval to the need and to the system proposed.

On Oct. 3, 1910 the Vancouver to Chilliwack Interurban arrived–one hundred years ago this October. Who is doing anything about that? Do not wait until Oct.1 to wake up.

Fred Lawrence,


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