Adios The Evergreen line?

While researching for a magazine article, came across this on Wikipedia and I am not surprised.

It seems TransLink has jumped the gun in abandoning the Evergreen line name and instead the entire VCC/Clark Dr. toAi?? LaFarge Douglas as the Millennium Line.

Makes sense to me as the Evergreen Line was the unfinished portion of the Millennium Line in the first place.

The Evergreen Line, very expensive for what it does.


Lougheed branch

Millennium Line Ai??Translinkmillennium.svg

Canada Line Ai??Translinkcanada.svg

Airport branch


One Response to “Adios The Evergreen line?”
  1. UBCsubway says:

    Millenium line is unfinished. it will be extended to UBC. A cross city subway from Coquitlam to UBC.

    Zwei replies: Where are you going to get the money to build and operate it?

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