Karlsruhe’s longest tramtrain route – The 210 km Route S4

Classic single track TramTrain operation through a rural village.

I am updating this post due to a series of recent posts on Facebook and other transit oriented blogs.

Karlsruhe’s TramTrain 210 km route S-4 travels through the sparely populated Schwarzwald or Black forest region of Southern Germany. There are no musings about “not enough density” for the Karlsruhe TramTrain there!
The (AVG) Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft GmbH- Karlsruheai??i??s longest tramtrain route ai??i??Ai??S4


The AVG’s longest run is now a 210km (130 mile) S4 service from Ai??hringen through central Karlsruhe to Achern, south-west of Baden-Baden. The TramTrain route uses DB mainlines, regional railway lines and on-street running in various cities.

The above map gives the various routes of Karlsruhe’s famous TramTrain network;Ai??largely in an area of comparable density and population of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. This something to think about when planners and politicians claim: “There isn’t the density in the Fraser Valley to support ‘rail’ transit.”


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