London Underground says ‘too much sunshine’ to blame for Tube delays

From the “You just got to be kidding department”. Evidently too much of the wrong kind of sun can delay trains!

This reminds me of the monotone recording at Victoria Station, in London in 1980; “The 4:15 Victoria to Bournemouth will be delayed by permanently persistent points problems in Purley.”

London Underground says ‘too much sunshine’ to blame for Tube delays

‘There’s lots of things we can control but, unfortunately, the Sun isn’t one of them’

London Underground has said “excess sunlight” is causing delays for the Tube network.

Bright sunshine beamingAi??ontoAi??CCTV monitors, which are used to give a clear view of the platform before pulling away, isAi??blocking drivers’ line of sight, according to staff.

Passengers at South Harrow station were surprised to hearAi??”the wrong type of sun” was causing their slow journey last Friday -Ai??an announcement which London Underground said was “not ideal”.

The issue of bright sunshine, although rare, is reportedly a problemAi??whenAi??the sun rises in the morning in early spring or winter.

“There’s lots of things we can control but unfortunately the sun isn’t one of them,” a spokesperson for London Underground said.

“The ‘wrong sort of sunlight’ isn’t how we’d usually say it as we want to keep passengers calm and reassure them.

“But basically it’s when the sun is in certain parts of the sky at certain stations, and it shines onto the CCTV monitoring screen in their cab so they can’t see the screen and who’s on the platform.”

Fro the rest of the story….

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