News Alert – Expo Line Kaput

Just on the radio, the Expo Line is kaput, but what is interesting is that TransLink has indicated the problem will not be fixed until this evening!


SkyTrain: Expo Line

In Effect03-Mar-2022 05:53 AM — Until further notice

Expo Line delays due to a track issue at Columbia Station. No train service between Columbia and Sapperton. Bus Bridge between Braid Station and New West Station in both directions.

Trains from Production Way will turn around at Sapperton Station.

Bus Bridge locations:

New West Stn: Bay 3 stop 61650 on Columbia St outside bus loop.

Columbia Stn to New West: 52331 westbound on Columbia at Fourth St.

Columbia to Production: Stop 52317 eastbound on Columbia at Fourth St.

Sapperton to New West: Stop 53218 E. Columbia St at Keary St

Sapperton to Braid: Stop 53111 E. Columbia St at Keary St

Braid Stn: HandyDART stop 58709 (in front of Bay 6)

Millennium Line and Canada Line are unaffected


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  1. Haveacow says:

    Sounds like they have a stuck turnout (switch), that or a burnt out turnout motor. Cabling or power rail issue maybe? If they are having to wait for most of the day it’s probably because they are waiting for a specific part, probably very time consuming to install. A poorly installed turnout motor can really screw with your rail alignment.

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