A Bad Day For SkyTrain

Oops, a bad day for TransLink and the mini-metro system.

Confusion reigns, as TransLink can’t even manage a coherent news story.

Canada Line resumes after ai???fire incidentai??? causes delays

Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk
December 29, 2015

Good news for rush hour commuters ai??i?? TransLink says a disruption on the Canada Line has been resolved.

Earlier this afternoon, TransLink was forced to close Marine Drive station after a ai???fire incident,ai??? which cut all service for Southbound Trains.

Spokesperson Anne Drennan says the transit authority had to evacuate passengers from a problem train at the station.

ai???Itai??i??s on tracks, we are pulling another train in beside problem train and evacuating passengers from one train to other.ai???

Meanwhile at Radio 11:30………..


Power failure behind Canada Line shut-down

by NEWS 1130 Staff

Posted Dec 29, 2015

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) ai??i?? A power failure is being blamed for a shut down of service to the airport on the Canada Line Tuesday afternoon.

A train was forced to be evacuated at Marine Drive Station.

TransLink says a shuttle bus was put into place at any stations that were impacted. Ai??It says additional security was on hand at stations to make sure things ran smoothly.

Many people tweeted pictures of long lineups, crowded trains and big groups of passengersAi??waiting.

And finally, a moderate earthquake, late Tuesday evening shut the entire mini-metro down.


A transit security officer, right, directs a passenger where to catch a bus outside the Commercial-Broadway Skytrain station after the commuter train system was shut down to check for any possible damage to elevated guideways in Vancouver, B.C., in the early morning hours of Wednesday December 30, 2015, after an earthquake struck off the west coast late Tuesday night. The moderate quake struck at 11:39 p.m. local time Tuesday about 20 kilometres north of Victoria and was felt across much of southern British Columbia.

Photograph by: Darryl Dyck, THE CANADIAN PRESS

VANCOUVER – Many residents of Metro Vancouver felt shaking late Tuesday night, as a moderate earthquake struck near Victoria.

The quake struck at 11:39 p.m., about 20 kilometres north of Victoria and was felt across much of southern British Columbia.

Earthquakes Canada said the quake measured 4.3 on the Richter scale, while the U.S. Geological Survey reported it as a 4.8 magnitude quake. The Canadian agency said there were no reports of damage………………

In Metro Vancouver, SkyTrain temporarily shut down until crews determined it was safe to operate the train on the guideway. TransLink advised there was shuttle service running from Waterfront Station to Surrey, and from Waterfront to Broadway/Commercial, stopping at each station along the route.

Service resumed Wednesday morning.


3 Responses to “A Bad Day For SkyTrain”
  1. Haveacow says:

    What is it with you guys and above grade rail right of way system fires. A bird nest? Piece of garbage? Why are your ROW’s electrical equipment lighting up everything in site? Fires do occur on electric rail ROW’s from time to time but wow!

    On a serious note, I hope you all slept through your little quake. Ottawa gets a 5.0-5.3 every couple of years and it usually surprises people and really rattles them for a few days. I hope everyone is OK!

  2. Haveacow says:

    Here is a YouTube link for our 2010, 5.0 quake, during Rogers Cable TV 22 coverage of the June 23, 2010 City Council Meeting. We are actually do for another good shake soon.


  3. eric chris says:

    @RFTV thanks for all the great stories in 2015. It is going to be hard for TransLink to outdo 2015 in 2016. It can’t be too long into 2016 before the next disaster on s-train for TransLink to blame a bird or something else for the next “freak incident” that is going to be unforeseen and unavoidable, as it always is with TransLink providing exceptional service according to studies paid for by TransLink.


    When is TransLink going to stop its comp-ass ads? They’ve been going on for four months in every newspaper and on the radio. They must be costing a fortune (full page). Is TransLink advertising comp-ass in Ottawa too in case someone from Ontario visits Vancouver?


    Now that TransLink has figured out the Starbucks coffee cup lids aren’t seismically rated and could result in a spill on board s-train, is TransLink going to be placing ads in newspapers to warn s-train users that if the s- train flies off the rails onto cars and pedestrians in an earthquake, s-train users could be held responsible for the hot coffee spilled on the dead drivers and pedestrians?


    Idiots at TransLink are their worst enemy. Nobody has to take them down, they’ll be doing it themselves, and will be getting an extra nudge from certain engineers and academics in 2016. I’m 100% sure of it. My guess it that as soon as they are back at “work” after the holidays, first on the agenda will be the meeting of the mindless at TransLink to discuss how to bolster their disaster preparedness plan – more body bags.


    Just across the border in Seattle, Sound Transit has been looking at how to stop their LRT (at grade where transit belongs) from derailment in an earthquake event. Unfortunately for the morons at TransLink, stopping the s-train won’t prevent the s-train from shaking off its concrete stilts and crashing 10 metres to the ground.


    Shucks. I guess; that means that nothing can be done. Idiots at TransLink can go back to planning more s-trains, to kill more people in the 6.8 seismic event like the one that I experienced in Seattle in 2001.


    Wishing everyone contributing to RFTV a very good 2016…