SkyTrain fizzles Once Again

What can I say, Skytrain grinds to a halt again!

Until the SkyTrain Lobby stops claiming that SkyTrain almost never stops due to unforeseen problems, Zwei will keep posting when SkyTrain does stop due to a mechanical failure to prove otherwise.

Portland’s LRT has come to grief several times this summer, but at least Tri-Met is honest with its customers as they admitted that the many operating problems this summer were due to over $75 million in deferred maintenance, done as an economy measure. I wonder if deferred maintenance is the real culprit here as well?

Switch problem leads to more SkyTrain delays

By Matthew Robinson, Vancouver Sun September 30, 2014

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TransLink’s SkyTrain is down yet again, subjecting Lower Mainland commuters to the latest round of packed stations, delayed trips and long waits.

The transit authority first reported the system outage ai??i?? the second of the day – on its Twitter account just after 6 p.m. Staff then updated TransLink’s followers every few minutes in keeping with its new push to better communicate with passengers during system outages.

“Expo and Millennium Line delays due to an issue at Metrotown Stn/Royal Oak Stn area, “read a tweet around 6:15 p.m. “Canada Line not affected.”

Not long after that, TransLink found the culprit. It was a problem switch.

Reporting that its tech staff was en route, TransLink sent buses out to transfer passengers between problem stations.

By 7 p.m., SkyTrains were running between Waterfront Station and Nanaimo Station and from Edmonds Station to King George Station on the Expo line, according to TransLink, and Millennium Line trains were running from Columbia Station and VCC Clark Station.

But despite the best efforts of TransLinkai??i??s communications staff, stations soon crowded with commuters, and they and others took to social media to air their own thoughts about the problem.

“You could take a ferry to Nanaimo, then to Vancouver before you could skytrain to Vancouver,ai??? tweeted user BrowntoBure.

Sukhreet Chahal had perhaps the saddest thing to say about the system outage, tweeting ai???I was so happy that my class ended early but now theres a problem with the sky train

Some outside the Lower Mainland commiserated with the delayed commuters.

“Hell, I don’t even live in Vancouver & I’m sick of hearing about these #Skytrain delays. Pity the users,ai??? tweeted Victoria resident Louise Alexander.

And speculating as to why the delay was taking so long to fix, Aiden tweeted, “I bet the tech support is taking SkyTrain too lmao.”

Itai??i??s been nearly four weeks since the last major system-wide delays hit the SkyTrain. That shutdown was caused by a technical problem near Surreyai??i??s Gateway Station, but prolonged when passengers opened the train doors and walked to the nearest station exited two trains on the guideway.

Transit police have warned passengers in the past not to force open SkyTrain doors during a system shutdown, saying they could face fines if they do so.

The earlier September shutdown follows two other lengthy system outages in July. TransLink brass ordered an independent review after those shutdowns that is ongoing. Gary McNeil, an industry expert, has until the end of October to report on TransLinkai??i??s response to major system outages and determine what can be done to prevent them from happening.


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  1. eric chris says:

    And far from the muzzled reporters and crap talk about s-train… here is what the average transit user thinks about s-train and TransLink…

    JUL 22, 2014 at 11:01 AM

    A RFP was issued a few short years ago on BC Bid’s website for a new software program for SkyTrain. It was to meld with the existing program. I have seen many problems before & since then with the trains. At KG station, the train I was on switched tracks before stopping. A voice came on the intercom and said ‘they didn’t know why this had happened’. Saw another hard stop at Columbia station while waiting for the train. Some poor guy went flying inside the car & smashed his head open (three different explanations over the station intercom). We weren’t allowed to board after the delay (didn’t really want to after what I saw), once the train was started up again, they just took the guy to KG station and then to the hospital (I assume).

    I have seen a lot of glitchy stuff to the point I won’t ride in the first or last cars if I can help it, just waiting for a collision. I think one of the main points here is that if SkyTrain fails, then what is an acceptable length of time for people to expect to be stuck in a car? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? an hour??!! What if you need to use the restroom, what if you are claustrophobic? what if you have small children that can’t deal with the delays? No wonder people are breaking out and walking along the tracks. Another point I have witnessed is the lack of communication. And wtf is a ‘bus bridge’?!

    Just whitewashing language. Are these breakdowns a test of the system by hackers? Great time of year for problems, I assume a large number of employees/management are away on holidays. Sure seems like the entire system is patched together with baling wire and duct tape. If everyone who was put out by these SkyTrain failures billed Translink for their time, loss of wages, refund on their passes or another pass to make up for it etc., etc., it would be a great way to show their executives what it’s like for ordinary Joe & Jane Shmoe.

    Perhaps a class action lawsuit is in order to make them wake up. Too bad the execs aren’t forced to take transit themselves. Then they’d perhaps have an inkling of what the rest of us peons are going through. BTW, any emergency broadcast system needs to be separate from the rest of the operation to be effective, can’t believe they are unable to speak to the riders during a complete shutdown & have to resort to social media. How incredibly weak is that?! Pathetic!”

    And the only place that you find this sort of reality about s-train is on blogs like this one. Zombies (I mean planners) at TransLink are screwing with the wrong people…


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