City of Victoria abandons Johnson Street Bridge rail plan

Victoria, B.C. – forget commuter rail entry into downtown

SaanichAi??News March 10th

The City of Victoriaai??i??s faint hope of finding funding partners to save the E&N rail on the Johnson Street Bridge fizzled Wednesday.

ai???Itai??i??s a reluctant decision that we have to take,ai??? said Coun. John Luton. ai???Many in this community are committed to supporting commuter rail into downtown

With the exception of Coun. Geoff Young, all on council voted to nix the $12-million project to include rail on the bridge.

That means the new $77-million bridge will have three lanes of traffic, two bike paths and a multi-use trail, but no train tracks.

The trainai??i??s final stop will likely be situated in Vic West instead of downtown. The city will preserve the rail corridor in case funding for a rail bridge is prioritized in the future.

E & N Budd RDC

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia on Vancouver Island, had an opportunity to bring possible commuter rail service into downtown.

But that now has been precluded by a City Council decision to bar E-&-N (now known as Southern Railway of Vancouver Island) from sharing a new $77 million highway bridge.

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One Response to “City of Victoria abandons Johnson Street Bridge rail plan”
  1. Evil Eye says:

    It is just plain stupid that an existing rail connection across the Johnson Street Bridge is not duplicated on the new bridge. Such sort sightedness will cost tens of millions in the future.