Mayor Kennedy Stewart Enters The Silly Season With Gusto!

Back of an evelope

Back of an envelope Dept.

Civic election time in the Lower mainland is often called the “silly season”, by pundits because of the “silly” promises made by politicians.

Present Mayor Kennedy Stewart has promised to build a SkyTrain loop in central Vancouver,


What will be the cost of this SkyTrain subway loop Mr. Mayor?

Brief recap:

Millennium Line extension to Arbutus – Cost: Over $3 billion (without cars).

Expo Line Extension to Langley, Project 1 – Guideway cost: $4 billion. (cars not included)

Expo Line Extension to Langley, Project 2 – Operations & Maintenance Centre #5 cost: $500 mil. to $1 bil.

Expo and Millennium Line Mid life Rehab: Over $3 billion ($1.47 billion re-signalling contract now let)

All of the above must be completed before trains can operate.

So let us look at proposed SkyTrain extensions.

Arbutus to UBC subway – Now estimated at $6 billion (not including cars)

North Shore rapid Transit – Now estimated to cost in excess of $5 billion.

Kennedy Stewart’s 19 km SkyTrain loop – cost unkown.

Zwei’s estimate, based on the current per km cost of the Broadway subway at $526 billion/km – $10 billion!

I would think regional mayors would have something to say about this, but this is the silly season and politicians will tell all sorts of porkies to win elections. This one, by Kennedy Stewart is in the realm of sparkle ponies and pixie dust.

As Zwei has said over and over, “SkyTrain planning is for strictly politcal reasons and nothing more”.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 12-32-50 Vancouver loop SkyTrain extension proposed by Kennedy Stewart CityNews Vancouver


Incumbent Vancouver mayor announces SkyTrain loop expansion

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart has announced plans to expand the SkyTrain within the city, and connect major centres in a “loop” if he and his party are re-elected in October’s civic election.

In a release Monday from Stewart’s Forward Together party, the plan brings together the already in service Expo Line, the under-construction Broadway Subway, the city-approved extension to the University of British Columbia, with a new line in South Vancouver to create a loop across the city.

The new line would run along 41st and 49th Avenue, connecting UBC to Metrotown in Burnaby, and serve major attractions such as Langara College and Oakridge Centre.

“Completing the Vancouver Loop will help us meet our livability and climate emergency goals,” the incumbent mayor said. “I fought hard at TransLink Mayors’ Council to extend the Broadway Subway to UBC and secured millions of dollars from partners to fund it. If re-elected, I will fight just as hard to build the Vancouver Loop extension and expand rapid transit in South Vancouver.”

Forward Together says the new loop would link 18 neighbourhoods across the region, some of which do not have close SkyTrain access currently.

“We are in a climate emergency, which is why expanding rapid transit is so important. It will get people out of cars, alleviate congestion, lower emissions, improve our health, save time and money, and accelerate our push to become a 15-minute city,” Forward Together council candidate Tesicca Truong said. “Investing in rapid transit, especially in South Vancouver, will improve residents’ access to services, education and employment. I’m proud to be part of the team that will deliver this vision.”

The Broadway Subway between VCC-Clark and Arbutus is scheduled to open in 2025. The extension to UBC has been approved with stations confirmed and planning underway, however, full funding has not yet been secured for the extension.


6 Responses to “Mayor Kennedy Stewart Enters The Silly Season With Gusto!”
  1. Patrick Condon says:


  2. Major Hoople says:

    We are continually amazed how your politicians are so out of touch with public transport.

    I did my back of the envelope calculations and your $10 billion estimate is somewhat conservative.

    Has anyone in your part of the country, done any research about subways because such an announcement is, to say the least, is disingenuous.

    When we worked on the RAV Line we found such blinkered thinking by your <> experts >>was, more than breathtaking.

    So much wrong, so much ignorance, so much ……………. well I think you know what I wish to say.

  3. chris shelton says:

    where is the value for money calculation for this carbon bomb technology?

  4. Cardinal Fang says:

    White Elephants & Flying Pigs comes to mind

    Equally flawed alternatives that have not been successful
    Monorail – No, Homer Simpson showed how much of a white elephant these are and couldn’t get it to work
    Electromagnetic Rapid Transit – Wow, straight out of the pages of the boys-own comic book
    Hydrogen powered subway trains – Easy now, remember the R101 and the Hindenburg
    Atmospheric Railways – Failed, the rats chewed through the leather flaps in 19th century Devon

    So, Mr Mayor, just sprinkle more Pixi Dust and shake the money tree harder,

  5. Haveacow says:

    I remembered this corridor when I was doing basic research about the Broadway Corridor. The 41st -49th Corridor had about 60%-65% of the bus volumes and passenger traffic, of the Broadway Corridor. So it’s busy, but not so busy that it requires rapid transit service. In fact talk to me, in 15 to 20 years or so, we will see then.

    For its supporters ask yourself, “what does this loop actually do for passengers?” Even in the describing article, it sure doesn’t serve many key sites. Other than, it provides another way to access UBC, a site that will already be served by the very expensive Broadway Line. It offers some advantage to transferring Canada Line passengers who may be going to UBC as well as freeing up some capacity on that line, but very little actual capacity. It offers no direct advantage to passengers in Burnaby, in fact it doesn’t even service Burnaby or any area outside the City of Vancouver. Cost aside, this line would eat up tremendous amounts of planning/engineering resources (tens of thousands of hours over many years) which could be better used to plan routes to areas that are not serviced at all by the Skytrain Network. It’s not a well thought out route. As Zwei said, a silly suggestion, for a silly season, not to mention a really expensive one, considering how few advantages this line actually has.

  6. Arbutus says:

    This is really funny promise from the idiot mayor of Vancouver. I never really liked Kennedy, Ken Sim or that Hardwick lady would be better choice.

    For a long time, Vancouver always wanted to build a street car network around false creek to Stanley park with extensions to Yaletown and Arbutus. That would be much cheaper. The city now owns the former CPR land.

    They really should upgrade the Canada line and expo lines for more capacity to attract more people from the suburbs to use it.

    If this mayor really cares about the environment, he should make all buses electric in Vancouver. Bring trolly service back to Cambie and 41st avenue. 41st avenue already has the trolly wires that are not used.

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