News Flash – TransLink trying to pull a fast one? Updated!

Well the masters of flim-flam are trying to pull a fast one over local mayors, why?

The probable answer is that denying proper scrutiny of the 2012 TransLink base plan, indicatesAi??thereAi??must be itemsAi??that TransLink doesn’t want local mayors to see. I hope that the Mayor’s Council has the collective backbone to demand TransLink give proper time for mayors to analyze the 2012 plan or better yet, tell TransLink adiA?s!

Metro Vancouver board members debate over Translink’s 2012 plan
Vancouver (AM980)
Jordan Armstrong

Some Metro Vancouver board members are blasting Translink’s CEO for not giving them enough time to review the transit body’s 2012 base plan. Coquitlam councillor Lou Sekora says it’s ridiculous he’s being asked to approve a 60 page plan… that only arrived on his desk this morning.

“You come in here at 9 o’clock, it’s dropped on you. You get a presentation and you got to vote on it. This is totally unrealistic.”

Board chair Lois Jackson asked Translink CEO Ian Jarvis if it would be possible to delay the vote by two weeks. He said no.
That triggered a fiery response from Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan.

“We need more accountability, we need Translink sitting there and answering the questions that all of us have about where of these plans are going in order for Metro Vancouver to approve any kind of base plan or any kind of supplemental plan. I agree entirely with Director Sekora, and I don’t care what their timing is.”

The debate continues this hour…


Updated, Saturday, July 16

It seems that the region’s mayors are fed up with TransLink and the TransLink Board of Amateurs. Stay tuned this story has just begun.

From CKNW radio

NDP tee off on Translink
The NDP are wasting no time in getting in line to bash Translink after Metro Vancouver Mayors teed off earlier today.

Harry Bains says says the Translink board is unaccountable and he understands the frustration from Mayors who are left to pick up the pieces..

Bains says the Provincial Government is not respecting mayors and it is time to restructure the Translink board by having it made up of elected municipal officials.

Bains says the NDP will do exactly that if they win the next election and form government in order to make Translink accountable.

He says Mayors are often powerless left to deal with and find funding for whatever Translink drops in their lap.



Board chair likes Evergreen Line referendum idea–board-chair-likes-evergreen-line-referendum-idea

Lois Jackson supports the idea of a regional referendum

DELTA (NEWS1130) – Metro Vancouver Board Chair Lois Jackson is supporting the idea of a regional referendum on the Evergreen Line.

Jackson, who is also Mayor of Delta, says opinion referendums are often held, so why not for the proposed line to connect Lougheed Mall with the Tri-Cities. “I just don’t think we can have everything. We just can’t afford to have everything. So let’s just take it in pieces here and I think going out to the public – I mean, that is the democratic way.”

She says the problem is a short-time frame to get that done. “We’re wrapped into approvals for certain dates. I continue to have a problem with that. Perhaps it’s an option that people should be looking at.”

She says the suggestion will be bounced off her council and then she will forward it to other Metro Vancouver mayors.

Trinity Western’s Dr. John Redekop says local mayors should jump at the chance, “Because then they won’t be blamed for the consequences and the outcome.”

By that he means the underlying potential of property tax increases if funding gaps for the project can’t be filled.

He adds the region has other important issues to deal with and mayors have other election issues on their agenda. “I would not want to see the November elections really boil down to a referendum on TransLink’s question.”

He says not all taxation issues should go to referendum, but certain controversial issues should including this one that involves a multitude of potential tax increases and transit improvement fees.

Call to dissolve TransLink

There are new calls to see TransLink dissolved and be replaced with an elected board, in light of all the issues surrounding the Evergreen Line.

Lou Sekora is a councillor for the City of Coquitlam and doesn’t like the way things are run. “It’s been running on for years with an unelected board, it’s still not elected. Not responsible to anyone. They just rubber stamp things.”

He says members spend more time fiddling around on their BlackBerries than tackling issues.


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  1. Jim says:

    They need to get a backbone. They need to all tell translink no, and walk out.

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