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In Metro Vancouver……

The subway lobby seem hard at it in Toronto and have been caught out by an independent public watchdog, set up to protect the taxpayer. Metro Vancouver and its member municipalities has no such watchdog to watch for bureaucratic or political malfeasance and with the media well in bed with Metro Vancouver politicians, the taxpayer […]


Traffic Congestion Declines

Interesting tidbit from the news which has been overshadowed by the tragedy in Brussels. Traffic congestion is down in Metro Vancouver and this begs the question: “If there is less traffic on the roads, then should we not waste money to plan and build $3 billion SkyTrain subway under Broadway and a $3.5 billion bridge […]

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News Flash – TransLink trying to pull a fast one? Updated!

Well the masters of flim-flam are trying to pull a fast one over local mayors, why? The probable answer is that denying proper scrutiny of the 2012 TransLink base plan, indicatesAi??thereAi??must be itemsAi??that TransLink doesn’t want local mayors to see. I hope that the Mayor’s Council has the collective backbone to demand TransLink give proper […]

As Predicted – Evergreen Line faces another yearA?ai??i??ai???s delay and uncertain future

Another prediction from Zwei has come to pass, The Evergreen or locally called Nevergreen SkyTrain line is in serious trouble. The truth of the matter is that for $1.4 billion dollars, the Evergreen line would attract very few new transit customers and virtually no motorists to the transit system. Every time problems with the Evergreen […]


Port Moody mayor calls for public pressure on TransLink to build Evergreen Line – From the Vancouver Province

From the “Bin there, done that department“. I think Port Moody mayor Joe Trasolini now understands that the Evergreen (locally called the Nevergreen) is probably not going to be built, in his tenure in office. There are now three strikes against the Evergreen line; not enough money to fund the metro; Vancouver wants a SkyTrain […]

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Transit a hit-and-miss affair in B.C.A?ai??i??ai???s Lower Mainland

Wendy Stueck Vancouverai??i?? Globe and Mail Update Published Friday, Mar. 25, 2011 11:00PM EDT http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/transit-a-hit-and-miss-affair-in-bcs-lower-mainland/article1957867/page2/ Shuttling sleekly between Richmond and downtown Vancouver, the $2-billion Canada Line has been a hit since it opened in 2009. But while the Canada Line whisks hundreds of passengers a day to their destinations, hundreds more huddle at bus stops […]