Port Moody mayor calls for public pressure on TransLink to build Evergreen Line – From the Vancouver Province

From the “Bin there, done that department“.

I think Port Moody mayor Joe Trasolini now understands that the Evergreen (locally called the Nevergreen) is probably not going to be built, in his tenure in office. There are now three strikes against the Evergreen line; not enough money to fund the metro; Vancouver wants a SkyTrain subway under Broadway; and Surrey mayor, Diane Watts, demanding much cheaper LRT be built in her city – NOW.

Like a long running Greek Tragedy, the proposed Evergreen Line has driven high density development in the Tri-Cities, but this dream of TOD, has been lost on the realities of metro construction and Balkanized civic politics.

The truth of the matter is that South of the Fraser municipalities are demanding a fair share of tax monies be spent on their turf and not funding someone else’s exotic transit line. As more and more South Fraser mayors demand equal billing for TransLink’s planning follies, there is a growing realization that belonging to TransLink is nothing more than being joined with a financial parasite, forever sucking the lifeblood from South Fraser taxpayers.

For a comparison, the $1.4 billion (now probably $1.5 billion or more) 11 km. Evergreen Line could build at leastAi?? 56 km of modern LRT/streetcar in Surrey!

56 km of new LRT/streetcar in Surrey would go a long way to attracting the all important motorist from the car, while a 11 km. The Evergreen SkyTrain, probably will not do much in attracting the motorist from the car, as it just mirrors the existing BRT route.

With TransLink’s propaganda department going full tilt, extolling the virtues of the Canada Line, while hiding the fact that a great portion of the ridership consists of former bus customers, now forced to transfer onto the metro and YVR employees who drive toAi??and park in the vast employee parking lots on Sea island and ride the Canada line for free to their work place.

The desperation in Mayor Trasolini message is clear, he is in panic mode as he now realizing that the Evergreen Line will not be built in the near future or not ever as a SkyTrain, as funding allocated for the metro will be spent elsewhere. He also knows that if Stephen Harper is elected with a majority government, funding for all public transit projects will dry up.

The Evergreen Line, an election promise for two decades, will still make a good election promise for a few decades to come.


Port Moody mayor calls for public pressure on TransLink to build Evergreen Line

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