Cargotrams for Broadway or Chilliwack – LRT can adapt!

On 3 March 2000 the Dresden Public Transport Co. and the Volkswagen Automobile-Manufacture Dresden GmbH signed a contract for the Cargotram for the deliveryAi??Ai??of parts from the logistics center in Dresden FriedrichstadtAi??Ai?? to a new car factory, using a tram running over the cities tram lines. The route from the logistics center to the factory runs straight through the inner city of DresdenAi??Ai??and use of trucks wouldAi??Ai?? increase in truck traffic, increasing diesel exhaust and traffic congestion.

One wonders how much truck traffic could be taken off Vancouver city streets by using a Cargotram style of delivery service on the proposed Broadway ‘rail’ transit project to UBC. Only modern LRT can be adapted by using cargotram not metro, either conventional or SkyTrain, operating elevated or in a subway.

Carogtram could be a natural for light frieght movements from Vancouver to Langley, Abbotsford, YXX, and Chilliwack.

The following is Carogtram in operation and could be a common sight on Broadway or the Fraser Valley, if light rail is built.



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