We Were Warned By Experts!

We were warned by the experts of the day to avoid the proprietary ALRT transit system, otherwise known as SkyTrain; we were warned by the best!

No one listened and today, we continue to spend up to ten times more to build with a dated proprietary light metro that no one else in the world wants!

The future is very bleak and I have nothing but contempt for the politicians agreeing to build more and more of what is now a museum piece.

A politician can be forgiven if he/she is unknowledgeable about transit, because they can learn, but if a politician refuses to learn and wishes to remain unknowledgeable, then that politician is ignorant and ignorant people cost the taxpayer dearly!

To day, metro Vancouver is infested with ignorant politicians who insist in doing the same thing over and over again, ever hoping for different results.

Prediction: The B.S. Line will break the back of Translink financially and may never be completed.


4 Responses to “We Were Warned By Experts!”
  1. Alison Hackney says:

    Hope your new mayor, Kennedy Stewart, is listening! I think he is a better listener than most, so ask to see him!

    Zwei replies: Vancouver’s new carpet bagging mayor is a Vision Vancouver clone, he has sold his soul to the SNC Lavalin devil to get the subway built. The Greens on council have embarrassed themselves as being unGreen in the Orwellian sense.

  2. Kennedy says:

    The millenium and expo lines will be extended to UBC and Langley. It will be built. Get used to it. Everyone wants it. No one wants rail for the valley.

  3. zweisystem says:

    I let this post stand only to illustrate the 10 to 15 spam posts i get from probably the same person using various email addresses. Who hosts this email ? email@notyours.com

  4. Haveacow says:

    Kennedy, Of the Skytrain Projects that are funded,

    5.5 km of Tunnel under Broadway for $2.83 + Billion
    7.5 km of Above grade line towards Langley for $1.65 Billion (it’s an estimate because no one knows the exact price that the first 7.5 km will cost, it will most likely cost more)

    Zwei can tell you how accurate my cost calculations have been so far for your Skytrain.

    All these LRT systems have longer trains and station platforms and don’t need to run at super high service frequencies to make up for the fact that their network infrastructure has run out of system capacity. This type of high frequency service causes the infrastructure to prematurely age and require early upgrades. Just like the Expo Line. Your system is at capacity and it can’t add anymore without spending a lot of money. Unlike all these LRT systems which all have ample extra capacity.

    Before you start screaming at me that they are upgrading stations on the Expo Line please stop and read. Translink spent millions of dollars on the Commercial-Broadway station and added a platform but didn’t add a 3rd track or any extra electrical capacity in all that extra space. So you have more platform space but you can’t increase the number of trains. More people waiting for the same number of trains, that’s money well spent!

    That’s 13 km for $4.48 Billion of a rail rapid transit system that has less capacity than the Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa LRT systems

    Calgary 20 km for $4.6 Billion, (4 km of which is one of the deepest tunnels in North America)
    Edmonton 31 km for $4.75 Billion
    Ottawa 44 km for $4.66 Billion (Stage 2 LRT Program)

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