Around the US & Canada- Light Rail, Tram, Streetcar, LRT & Transit news

Late February has brought a mixed bag of news on Light Rail, Tram, Streetcar, LRT & Transit projects in North America, some positive & some negative. The Cardinal posts a selection of national, local press and on-line Blog reports.

1) Gray: Streetcars are a ‘Very Wise Decision’

Mayor Vincent Gray’s mixed track record with streetcars did not keep him from praising them at a Georgetown groundbreaking Thursday

GeorgetownPatch February 25th

2) Subway boosters welcome mayor’s vision for Sheppard

Intensification needed for private funding not a concern, says resident

Inside February 26th–subway-boosters-welcome-mayor-s-vision-for-sheppard

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s plan to build a Sheppard subway through Scarborough has thrilled local subway advocates, who don’t fear the intense development it would bring.

But merchants in Sheppard East Village are worried street improvements tied to the light-rail line – slated for construction this spring but now apparently doomed – are about to vanish.

from Stephen Rees’ Blog, a map of the Sheppard EastAi??LRT compared to the Ford subway plan.

3) Portland, Oregon. – why build Lake Oswego modern streetcar?

Portland Business Journal February 25th

A staff writer for Portland Business Journal says one reason being advanced to
extend Portland Streetcar southward to Lake Oswego is because the tracks already
are there and the investment could be counted toward the local match for federal
capital funds

4) Los Angeles $1 Million Approval for Streetcar

blogdowntown February 25th

L.A Streetcar Economic Study Released


One Response to “Around the US & Canada- Light Rail, Tram, Streetcar, LRT & Transit news”
  1. Selcuk says:

    Streetcars are more efficient for sure, but they do get stuck in trfifac, and as a result, cause trfifac, which causes the next car to get stuck, and cause trfifac that blocks the next car, etc etc.There are 3 options really.1 Have streetcars on all the major east-west streets in downtown, as well as Bathurst, which due to the Allen, is a major feeder route into downtown.2 Remove all the streetcars from the entire city forever and ever, and toss them in a giant rubbish bin and laugh at them from your SUV. Okay maybe not that extreme, but that is how stupid the idea is.3 Compromise, remove some current streetcar routes, but keep transit city. King and Queen are important routes and while they are both blocking trfifac I don’t see rationale to remove them. Bathurst may become more heavily trfifaced. The proposals to extend the Allen are not just going to go away. While it’ll never, ever, get south of Bloor, there are points north of Bloor where one could end the highway without causing a huge destruction to giant portions of the city. (Dav and Spadina, Dav and Dupont) but another proposal would see it end at Bathurst. As for east-west routes, both Dundas and Carlton do not move as many people as either King or Queen, and it probably would be popular to remove one, but not both of these.When considering your options, with #1 having 6 major routes downtown, #2 having 0, and #3 having 4, I think the answer is clear. Remember, if people push on with Rae-Miller style leftism, the answer will continue to be Harris-Ford style reactionism.