At least they’re considering it

The `it' is Light Rail, the `they' include:

  • Nashville

  • Ottawa

  • Minnesota

which is more than you can say about Vancouver British Columbia,

Covered in Price Tags

This Policy Study is published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives CCPA


One Response to “At least they’re considering it”
  1. Evil Eye says:

    Gordon Price is grossly overrated for what he does and says. He is a good public speaker but his “LRT is toys for boys” stuff is just plain silly.

    Vancouver’s Bike lane policy can be traced back to Price when he was a Vancouver NPA councilor, but there is no other legacy for his years on Vancouver city council. When a strong voice was needed to steer Vancouver in an affordable light rail direction, instead of the current expensive subway mania now gripping city hall, Price was mute.

    This speaks volumes.

    Price’s road shows are also growing tiresome and it is time to see some action from the man, if not, he should just shut up.

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