What $130 million buys you in planning!

TransLink Spinning In Circles

So, it took the compass Card to make transit more user friendly – NOT! Is not TransLink’s main function to make transit user friendly, so more people perceive it is a good product, use itAi?? and hope, vote accordingly if there is another plebiscite? This is pure spin, by an organization, that can’t seem to […]


Zwei Told You So! Few Fare Cheats On SkyTrain!

So, where is the massive fare evasion that warranted over $200 million spent on the Compass Card and Fare Gates for the SkyTrain light-metro system? No massive amounts of fare evasion you say? Maybe it was all those U-Pass holding students that confused everyone? Who was the lobbyist for Cubit Industries again? So, $63,000 more […]


Is Compass Card Really the first Step to Privatization?

Long predicted, TransLink’s buses will all be “one-zone” fares, leaving those who ride the SeaBus and SkyTrain, pay premium fares. Zwei sees this as the road to privatization, where money losing, politically designed and heavily subsidized bus routes (especially the trolleybuses routes) will be operated by Translink, and the mini-metro system and SeaBus will charge […]


The Compass Card Fiasco – Another BC Liberal Boondoggle – Where is the Mainstream Media?

The Compass Card boondoggle is akin to the NDP’s bungled FastFerry program, but where is the mainstream media; where are the so called pundits tut-tutting this fiasco? The Compass Card and fare gate program was orchestrated by the BC Liberals and Liberal government friendly media to cure the fictitious problem of ‘massive’ fare evasion. Yes, […]


The Compass Card – Another Gordon Campbell Fiasco!

The Compass Card fiasco is not really a TransLink problem, rather it is the epitome of why TransLink has problems; TransLink is a tool of the Premier’s Office and it must do the Premier’s bidding or face serious repercussions. Premier Gordon Campbell’s best friend, Ken Dobell, was the lobbyist for Cubit Industries makers of fare […]


I Told You so Department.

Old Zwei told you so that the Compass Card was old kit as are the fare gates! The Compass Card and the fare gates deserve a criminal investigation but that will never happen, not in BC, where the police and courts shy away from political interference. Fare evasion was not a problem, yet the mainstream […]


Compass Card Fiasco

Installed but not working. Until the compass Card becomes operational the turnstiles stay idle, paying silent testament to TransLink’s incompetence. As expected, TransLink’s new Compass Card is turning into a fiasco and now the transit agency is contemplating a single zone for buses. Because of TransLink’s simple three zone fare system and full fare/concession fare […]


TransLink’s Compass Card Boondoggle Revisited

Well, here we go again, new numbers from TransLink clearly shows that the much touted Compass Card is $23 million over budget and Cubit Industries will be paid $12 million annually to operated the system – more money than was thought lost through fare evasion! So, let’s look at more TransLink expenditures. *TransLink CEO Ian […]