Linked Trips Please! What is Translink Afraid Of?

TransLink is trying to save face with recent acknowledgement that the Canada line is under built. What TransLink does not tell you is that over 80% of the Canada line’s ridership, is forced to transfer from bus to metro at Bridgeport Station. All Richmond, South Delta and South Surrey bus customers bound for downtown Vancouver […]

The latest Transit Study – initial reaction from Rail For the Valley

The latest Transit Study for the Fraser Valley (the one that cost $400,000 and promised to look at the Interurban) has finally been released by the Provincial government, almost a year late, and right before Christmas.   We never held out much hope for this study, seeing as its scope was limited to the FVRD […]

And now, here is the real story ~ Lies, damned lies and statistics!

For a long time now, TransLink’s spin doctors have been crying a woeful story that SkyTrain is “jammed packed” and needs more cars. With ridership numbers increasing at a fantastic rate on the metro, Gordon Campbell’s cronies on theAi??Ai??TransLink Board approved the purchase of more SkyTrain cars. As well, TransLink and ‘Metro’ region are trying […]

The seamless (no transfer) journey – Transit’s Holy Grail!

It has been long known that the seamless or no transfer journey is the ‘ticket’ to attract customersAi??Ai??to public transit asAi??Ai??itAi??Ai??is well understoodAi??Ai??that oneAi??Ai??could lose upwards of 70% of ridership per transfer, even inter modal. On older tramways and streetcar systems, many lines offered more than one service, providingAi??Ai??the all importantAi??Ai??seamless journey toAi??Ai??many destinations. Cities […]