From Radio 1130 – Cambie merchants still waiting for Canada Line business boom. Not coming? Yes, Zweisystem told you so!


Well the RAV/Canada line has been open for some time now and now one wonders where is all those subway passengers that were dying to shop on Cambie St., as promised by RAVCo. and InTransit BC?

Didn’t come? Well don’t hold your breathe, they’re not. It has been found in other jurisdictions where cut-and-cover subway construction has been done that it takes ten years for businesses to recouver financially. Unlike new light-rail lines, where adjacent business see about a 10% increase in revenue, businesses on top of a subway do not. The reason is simple; on-street/at-grade LRT transit customers see local businesses and with convenient stops can access them with little interruption of their journey. All subway passengers see is dank concrete and with widely spaced stations, seldom venture forth and patronize local businesses.

Zweisystem knew this, then why didn’t Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon, Susan Anton, Larry Campbell, TransLink’s planners, radio talk show hosts,Ai??Ai??reporters,Ai??Ai??and the rest who vaguely promised and/or spoke of a great upsurge in local business whence the RAV/Canada Line opened?

Dave White VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) | Saturday, September 12th, 2009 1:00 pmAi??Ai??

Ai??Ai??It’s been nearly a month since the Canada Line opened, connecting downtown with Richmond and YVR. But Cambie Street business owners are still evaluating just what the line will meanAi??Ai??for their businesses after enduring years of construction.

Leonard Schein with the Cambie Street Business Association says so far there hasn’t been a major spike in business. A?ai??i??Ai??We were looking forward to it, but the city is still doing some work and school is just back, and we’ll see over time how that does happen.”

Yip says her business is more likely to be successful with a solid customer base and community advertising.

Karyee Yip, who owns Honey Gifts on Cambie, isn’t expecting a boost because a station was never built in the Cambie Village. ‘ItA?ai??i??ai???s kind of disappointing that we lost a lot of business to build this line but we’re not really reaping a lot of benefits once the line is built.”


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  1. Jim says:

    My guess is they just weren’t paying attention, like with the budget, declining revenues, Toronto and the HST, and so on, or at least that’s what they want me to think (I think?). I really don’t get their angle, it is like they would rather have us believe they are incompetent then they are arrogant, of course I believe the latter…. I might be a little off topic though, but this is all just my opinion.

    Zweisystem replies: When politicians make promises that are untrue, they must be brought to account. The mainstream media did not want to hear this and continued with four years of ‘stuff and nonsense’ about, “well just wait till the RAV/Canada line opens and you will have lots of new business.” It was all untrue and if you or I said the same things, we would have been pilloried!

  2. Susan Heyes says:

    We could have had business and user friendly Light Rail systems operating all over the lower mainland for the cost of this sneaky multi-billion dollar train. It is a disgrace that all this needless suffering took place.

    We live in a beautiful city, with thriving independant street level shops that build communities and sustain neighbourhoods.

    This project just tossed all this aside, along with the livelihoods of scores of hard working families, so they could develop every square inch of the Cambie corridor, and profit at the merchant’s expense.

    I was relentless about bringing the whole community together to achieve justice and compensation for all effected business, but the project spin was mighty, and many merchants believed the tales of future windfalls. Even the Cambie Business Association was telling the press that we were exagerating claims of loss.

    To accept that our own government would allow this preventable destruction of our life’s work to happen, was just too much for many small business people to fathom. Anyone who spoke out was publicly vilified, and told they were doing more harm than the project itself!

    I hope the businesses that weathered this storm will reap some benefit eventually. I also hope that all who have been wronged by the project are compensated.

    This must never happen again.

  3. Jim says:

    I agree, that’s why I created these shirts “Who needs accountability when you have the olympics?” Goes great with the picture of the premiere in front of the rings at YVR :P (sorry to be spamming, it was relevant to the accountability issues).

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