Quebec city Tram Will Be A Reality

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It will be interesting in Quebec, comparing Montreal’s  REM light-metro to Quebec city’s European style tram.

Quebec City Tramway details

The Quebec City $4 billion tramway project will involve the construction of tunnel sections and 36 stations, five of which will be underground. The proposal includes incorporating an integrated system of tramways, electric tram bus and reserved bus lanes.

It will have two routes. The first route will be a 23km-long line, connecting Charlesbourg to Cap-Rouge via Parliament Hill. Approximately 3.5km of the tramway will pass through underground sections. The 17km-long second route will be a fully electrified bus rapid transit (BRT) line served by articulated buses.

40 years of SkyTrain light-metro has created a transit planning vacuum in Metro Vancouver, where a world acknowledged affordable and user-friendly transit mode has not only been ignored by local politicians and planners, the tram has been actively libeled and slandered by the mainstream media, Metro Vancouver politicians and brueacrarts and the provincial government.

What is so sad, despite the federal, provincial and civic politcal spin of fake news and alternative facts, if we do not accept the modern tram has a proven tool to fight global warming, we (society) will ,loose the fight to minimize environmental damage to the region.

Until our local politicians grow up and stop playing trains, by planning $3 billion subways to nowhere or a $3.95 billion line into a bog, the environmental fight will be over.

Unlike Calgary or Edmonton, which operate 1980’s LRT, which was based on German Stadtbahn; Ottawa, where its new LRT is more like a light metro than LRT; or Toronto where LRT is planned as a light metro and only now is the streetcar system being updated with modern trams; Quebec is planning a tramway.

Quebec’s new tramway will be a showcase of a 21st century tramway operation and philiosophy.


Quebec City tramway finally gets green light as province gives unconditional approval


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  1. Haveacow says:

    Every once and awhile, for a giggle and a laugh, I check the Skytrain for Surrey website and see if the anti-LRT story about Quebec City’s cancelled LRT system is still up on the site. Now the classic anti-Ottawa LRT article around the fall 2021 accident/closing is still up as well as the 2009 City of Ottawa public meeting about when the LRT became the final choice as the form of rapid transit, when they could have had a light metro instead (Skytrain like system from Alstom), ahh the classics never die. However, our friend over there has indeed taken down the story about the cancellation of the Quebec City LRT, it only took 8 months but cudos, you had to acknowledge reality. Now with the national inflation rate officially at 6.1%, how long is it going to be before the Skytrain to Langley is delayed long past 2030? That puts the 2023 final price range between $4.25 Billion and $4.395 Billion (this is the time and point of the development process at which, the project will actually go to tender). Wow, remember when the Mayor of Surrey said it was going to cost $1.63 Billion for the whole 16 km?

    Zwei replies: I again have heard that the budget for the Expo Line extension will be around $4.5 billion, with ground stability issues in the Serpentine Valley being the cause. There does seem to be mild panic at TransLink, with construction. One mayoralty candidate, Hardwick, is decidedly anti subway and pro LRT. If elected, it will be a game changer for them. The mayoralty candidates in Surrey seem to think the line will be completed by 2027 or 2028, with one mayoralty candidate claiming that once opened, hundreds of thousands of bad, bad polluting cars will be taken off the road.

    What I find interesting, the chair and vice chair of the Mayor’s council on transit, mayor Cote and Froese are not seeking reelection, which seems to me to be like rats leaving a sinking ship. Could it be that some very bad news will make headlines right after the civic election?

    Ridership from suburban routes are not going back to the bus as I recently saw a 602 semi express bus stopped at the first bus stop in south Delta with one person on board! observations on other suburban service show buses with fewer than to customers at peak times.

    Lots and lots of Tesla’s in South Delta!

  2. Jardin says:

    It is funny quebec is spending 4 billion on a tramway. It says the second line will be a 17km electric bus line. Basically it is just a trolly bus line with its own lanes like in Vancouver. Such a waste of money for a bus lane.

    Planning is now happening to extend the skytrain to UBC.

    Skytrain will be extended to Langley, it will go right over that boggy section.

    Money well spent.

    Zwei replies: Actually the BRT system will be on a dedicated R-o-W and can be upgraded to LRT at a later date, much cheaper than the Expo line extension to Langley.

  3. Haveacow says:

    Unfortunatel,y the Trambus part of the program has been axed but they will continue to upgrade express buslane network Quebec City already has.

    The main reason given was the 700 million dollar increase in price of the tramway because of the time based inflation due to the BAPE’s (Quebec’s independent but provincially important environmental agency) opposition to major aspects of the first version of the project. Inflation in the cost of property needed for the project due to people realizing they could also “milk” the city out of some cash.

    The second issue was the Federal Government funding came from a program that treated the two types of vehicles and vehicle rights of way as two different projects not one. This also forced the City of Montreal to “sell off” $800 million of funding from this program to fund a tram project there due to the fact that the federal funding in this program had a limit, it couldn’t afford both projects. So as Quebec City waited, Montreal had to officially declare it was no longer interested anymore in there tram project, which caused huge political issues inside Montreal’s City Hall. It didn’t seem to matter that the City of Montreal had received 50% funding for the $5.5 Billion REM project. Which is now $7 Billion, for which the Federal and Provincial Government had to cover the project’s cost overruns at $750 million each, so far. It also didn’t matter that the Federal Government is funding 33% of the Montreal’s $6.4 Billion, 7km long, Metro Blue Line extension. I think Montreal politicians were given a talking too by the feds. $2+ Billion for the REM, $1.3 Billion for the Blue Line plus future support for the $10:Billion REM dl’est project. I think you can give up $800 Million for your only partially funded tram project, so Quebec City can fund it’s tram project.

    One of BAPE’s biggest problems with this project was that the project included both buses and trains. This is also a major aspect the project’s opposition to the project as well. “Is it a bus or train project?” The city government was never able to articulate that they felt that electric buses operating in some “Pie-IX style” BRT busway corridors was more appropriate than LRT operations in every corridor. It was important that BRT corridors would be convertible to rail in the future (like Ottawa’s Transitways). Politics won, so it became an LRT only project.

  4. Haveacow says:

    @ Jardin, the B.C. provincial government and federal government can’t afford politically to fund a $4.3 Billion Skytrain project that will move fewer passengers on opening day than several of Toronto’s traffic trapped streetcar lines, already do. While the second phase of the much loved (especially by developers) Millennium Line Broadway extension to UBC (costing $4.4 Billion and rising), is languishing. There just isn’t enough money or political support for both.

  5. Haveacow says:

    Also even if they, the provincial government, comes through with funding for both projects (both are provincial projects, Translink has been sidelined by their inability to even put in 10% funding into them), they can’t turn around and say to Victoria, yes we dropped at a minimum, over $5.5 Billion into Vancouver but you can’t have money for your needed rail line on Vancouver Island, which in theory, can transport people and freight. So either everyone gets money or Surrey has to wait, long past 2030, just like I predicted when the much more useful LRT project was changed to a Skytrain.

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