Trolleybuses Tank in Leeds UK

New Transit projects in the UK go through a rather onerous process before approval and the Leeds trolleybus projects did not stand up to scrutiny. It would be fair to say that not one of the SkyTrain or mini-metro projects could have stood up against a truly independent review, which is too bad because by […]

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TransLink Incompetence Continues – Again Another Fail

Incompetence, thy name is TransLink. Suffice to say, if this happened in Europe and passengers were trapped in a bus for two hours because of a downed trolley line, management would have been fired the next day. All (except for Vancouver maybe) transit services that operate trolley buses or trams have a “crash crew” on […]


Worlds Longest Trolleybus Line

In Vancouver, we think of trolleybuses as a holdover from the streetcar days; a sort of green transit system used primarily in Vancouver and a few other cities in North America. What was once the replacement for the streetcars, are themselves seeing waning days. Not so in Russia, where trolleybuses are seen as a work […]


Eric Chris’s Broadside At TransLink

Transit advovate, Eric Chris, again tackles TransLink on various trolleybus related issues in the City of Vancouver. Electric buses are quiet, pollution freeAi??and able to tackle steeper grades than diesel buses, are used on many Vancouver transit routes. Haydn Acheson, President and General Manager, Coast Mountain Bus Company:   Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) under […]


Autumn in Budapest

The Cardinal has recently returned from a short holiday in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is a walking city and theSeptember weather makes it ideal to wander around on foot with many cozy cafAi??s and restaurants offering their retreat if needed when temperatures cool down. With over 100 museums and galleries the city also offers many indoor […]


Trams, Buses & Trolleybuses Can Co-exist

On another blog, a long standing member of the SkyTrain/metro fraternity alluded to the fact that LRT and buses could not co-exist on the Granville Mall. Sorry to disappoint the purveyors of misinformation, but they can and do in many cities. A photo essay from several citiesAi??Ai??proves the point. Milan Ai?? Geneva Ai?? Essen Riga


When Trolleybus and Streetcar Cross Paths

In answer to a query from a regular poster, ‘Zwei’ has found a picture of a Russian trolleybus and tram intersection showing the overhead.Ai??Ai?? I have included from Wikipedia,Ai??Ai??a short description ofAi??Ai??tram/trolleybus junctions, locations,Ai??Ai??and the electric overhead. Tram – Trolleybus Crossings From Wikipedia Trams draw their power from a single overhead wire at about 500 […]


Adios Seattle’s Trolley Buses?

It seems transit authorities are taking a hard look at Seattle’s trolley bus system, with an eye to abandon the service. The problem in Seattle, as in Vancouver, the trolley busesAi??Ai??are only seen as a electric bus, not a different transit mode suited for a specific job. Trolley buses should be used on heavily used […]