BrisBusway1 (2)

Brisbane, Australia (BRT) Bus Rapid Transit

If there could be any doubt, of the cost effectiveness and the capability to relieve urban congestion of Bus Rapid Transit [BRT], study the following image of Brisbaneai??i??s system. TransLink in BC are actively promoting BRT as the answer for transit in the Fraser Valley, they & the City mayors & councillors who are […]

"Misguided" Busway Part 2

More news about Cambridge’s “Misguided” bus or BRT. Instead of being simple and cheap alternative to a ‘rail’ solution, the Cambridge BRT is ending up costing Ai??Ai??more than reinstating the rail line for DMU/EMU or tram service. The real question needed to be answered will be: “For all the cost and delay, will the Cambridge […]

The yet to be used Cambridge Guided Busway

Ai??A?76m Leigh Guided Busway on hold over cost fears – From the Manchester Evening News

Postings in other blogs have been painting an all too rosy a picture of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and this post should level the playing field somewhat. Just as a note, the Cambridge “Misguided Busway” is built on a former railway formation which greatlyAi??Ai??reduced initial cost estimatesAi??Ai??and as the guided bus project now stands, it […]


From Bus to Light Rail

From to Light Rail. The following Master’s Degree Project – Ottawa’s Transit Busway to Light Rail by David James, is well worth a read.


From the Light Rail Now Folks: Busting "BRT" Mythology – LA’s "Orange Line" Busway A?ai??i??ai??? "Just Like Rail, But Cheaper?"

It seems the media and local politiciansAi??Ai??keep referring to Bus Rapid Transit or BRT as a transportation solutionAi??Ai??for METRO Vancouver’s ‘lesser taxpayers’ in the Fraser Valley, yet very few politicians and media types clearly understand what BRT is, or even how successful it has been in past applications. BRT despite the hype and hoopla, has […]

The ultimate in bus rapid transit (BRT) guided bus or O-Bahn

Brisbane Reality Check: The high cost of "cheap" busways – From the Light Rail Now Folks

The following is from the Light Rail now folks in the U.S.A. It certainly blows the lid off the BRT crowd, when it comes to the claim that BRT is cheaper than light-rail. When one hears Kevin Falcon or other Valley Liberal MLA’s claim that BRT must come first because it is cheaper than LRT, […]

Bus Rapid Transit or BRT – Does it deliver?

The bus lobby are quick to jump on the Bus Rapid Transit or BRT bandwagon, yet fail to point to any one BRTAi??Ai?? that has attracted the all important motorist from the car. While new LRT/tram operations have seen major jumps in ridership, ridership figures for newAi??Ai??BRT systemsAi??Ai??have been disappointing. Ottawa is on record though […]

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