Incresing Transit Capacity By Reducing Transit Stops – A New Stragety For Broadway

The following table from Bus or Light Rail – Making The Right Choice, shows that in Germany, the distance between bus stops is far greater than that of the City of Vancouver. On Broadway, from Granville Street to Alma, on average there is a bus stop every 260 metres, making bus stops very much closer […]

The yet to be used Cambridge Guided Busway

Ai??A?76m Leigh Guided Busway on hold over cost fears – From the Manchester Evening News

Postings in other blogs have been painting an all too rosy a picture of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and this post should level the playing field somewhat. Just as a note, the Cambridge “Misguided Busway” is built on a former railway formation which greatlyAi??Ai??reduced initial cost estimatesAi??Ai??and as the guided bus project now stands, it […]

Tram Berlin Linie M13 KT4D Warschauer Str. A?ai??i??ai??? Virchow Klinikum 4/7

The next four U-Tube Videos in the series. What we see is classic European tram operation where the tram operates as: A streetcar, operating on-street in mixed traffic. Light Rail, operating on various Reserved Rights-of -Ways [youtube=] Included in video #4 is a “Gauntlet” style switch. [youtube=] Video #5 shows operation on RRoW and aAi??Ai??”Gauntlet” […]


Light Rail & Tramways Growth Continues With new Openings in 2010

From May’s issue ofAi??Ai??Tramway’s & Urban Transit comes a list of new LRT openings in 2010, almost one every six weeks. The following is a partial list of new LRT/tram and TramTrain systems. It is interesting to note the increase of TramTrain expansion, both in Europe and in North America. Also, when compared to metro […]