LRT and Subway Construction Costs

From the Toronto LRT Information Blog Discussions on Toronto and GTHA LRT Possibilities Much of this site is devoted to promoting LRT as a viable alternative to Subway for rapid transit expansion within the GTA where capacity needs exceed or will exceed that of bus operation, but do not warrant a Subway level of […]


Comparing Light Rail, Bus and Subway Costs

Two  reports on Canadian Light Rail systems The following link is to a report published in 2006 by Calagary Transit Light Rail Transit in Calgary Currently, the average hourly operating cost of LRT is approximately $163, including operating, maintenance and utility costs. With an average of 600 boarding passengers per revenue operating hour, the […]


Debunking the SkyTrain myth A?ai??i??ai??? Part 3 ~ So who operates SkyTrain and why?

Ai??Ai?? Detroit’s ICTS Two previous postings Ai??Ai?? “Ai??Ai??Debunking the SkyTrain myth……. “Ai??Ai??and Ai??Ai?? ” Debunking the SkyTrain myth Part 2 “Ai??Ai??has sent the SkyTrain lobby into apologetic fits. The cries of “shock and disbelief“, untrue, and cherry-picked information fill the comments postings, yet the SkyTrain lobby fail to answer one question: “Why after three decades […]


Vancouver 1940. A map of streetcars and interurbans in Vancouver

Here is a map of LRT or streetcar operations Vancouver and vicinity in 1940………………… back to the valley interurban.