Bring Back Our Trams – A New Website for Victoria Light Rail – A question About SNC

Our friends across the pond, in Victoria have a new website, Bring Back Our Trams contains some surprising information.

Zwei has wondered why the cost of a simple streetcar/LRT line would cost over $62 million/km and BBOTAi??may haveAi??supplied the answer: Canada’s favourite engineering group, SNC Lavalin did the initial cost study. Why then, would a new LRT/streetcar line cost a mere $22.4 mil./km. to build in France, yet cost $62 mil./km. in Victoria and why wasn’t a TramTrain service proposed on the old E&N for about $6 mil./km. to $10 mil./km.?

Why is Victoria’s proposed LRT said to cost $62 mil./km.?

ZweiAi??finds this interesting, because theAi??firm Siskinds, Desmeules said today it has filed a proposed $250-million class action on behalf of investors against SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. and some of its current and former officers and directors for allegedly misleading investors and engaging in what it calls ai???unlawful activitiesai??? in Libya. (see Laila Yuile’s blog for the full story)

ThreeAi??important questions must be asked:

  1. “Is Premier Christie top adviserAi??Clark’s Gwyn Morgan (who also donated $10,000.00 to Ms. Clark’s Leadership campaign), also a director on the SNC/Lavalin Board?
  2. If the answer is yes; “Is the Premier’s close relationship with Mr. Morgan,Ai??is giving the green light forAi??SNC Lavalin to grossly over-engineer Victoria’s proposed LRT?
  3. If the answer is yes; “Is the BC Government allowing SNC Lavalin to reap huge profits from the BC Taxpayer by deliberately over engineering transit projects in BC, such as Victoria’s proposed LRT and or SkyTrain light-metro in Vancouver?

Zwei also wonders if SNC Lavalin is deliberately funding the SkyTrain Lobby to ensure more hugely expensive SkyTrain is built in the Vancouver metro region?

The time is getting very close for the BC taxpayer to demandAi??a RCMP investigation of an illegal relationship between TransLink, The BC Transportation Ministry, the Premier’s Office, the Vancouver Engineering Department and SNC Lavalin.



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  1. Laila says:

    Brava! Very good questions and I will link back to this in my soon to be posted look at SNC Lavalin and their activities around the world – as well as in BC.


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