Roads & Rails = Dumb & Dumber

In BC, we are backward.

In fact, we are not just backward, we are literally stone age when it comes to transit planning.

Two stories; in Nevada the Boulder rail extension is part of the cost of a new highway and that the CNR sold Georgetown-Kitchener, Ont., rail line to Metrolinx for GO Transit commuter rail service for $76 million, shows that governments in other jurisdictions actually think and plan ahead when trying to solve ongoing transit issues.

Meanwhile, back in the land where time stood still, two rail (one a former rapid transit line) routes in the Metro Vancouver are for sale; the Arbutus Corridor for $100 million and the CNR line in Richmond for $65 million, yet our transit planners remain deaf, blind and dumb about acquiring these railway lines for future transit growth and continue to plan for $200 million/km. plus subways for Vancouver and $100 million/km. plus LRT for Surrey. A bargain in any other city, but not so in Metro Vancouver!

The saddest part of the story is that our regional politicians remain largely ignorant about modern public transit and the role of modern LRT and continue to support dated mini-metro expansion to the detriment of both the transit customer and the taxpayer.

On the island, the same is true for the E&N folks who are working overtime just trying to secure $20 million to they can pay for track improvements do Via can operate a passenger service!

Yet politicians have no qualms what so ever in spending $5 billion on the dangerous and badly planned and built SFPR and a new Port Mann Bridge, replacing the recently refurbished old Port Mann Bridge (at the same time letting the decrepit Patullo Bridge rot!), so friends of the government can collect tolls!

Until the public demand regime change with out current transit planning, stone-age transit planning will continue by the Neanderthals at Ministry of Transportation, TransLink, and the many municipal engineering and planning departments in metro Vancouver.

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