Another Gadgetbahnen Bites The Dust.

Nothing new here. Monorails are proprietary railways and suffer the same ills that come with proprietary transit systems. They are expensive to operate and maintain. Spare parts tend to be expensive and hard to get, especially when the manufacturer ceases production. With the proprietary Movia Automatic Light Metro, TransLink and Metro Vancouver will soon have […]

1 Las Vegas

A Proven Winner

Sin city is getting LRT. After flirting with Bombardier’s Innovia monorail and optically guided buses, Las Vegas is now improving their regional transit system, with a proven winner, light rail transit. Light rail is the winning option for Las Vegas¬†transportation Regional Transportation CommissionA rendering of a proposed light rail system along Maryland¬†Parkway. Monday, Feb. 18, […]


Trams for Vegas?

Las Vegas has a monorail, but due to political intrigue, it doesn’t service the main airport and is next to useless. I would surmise that the powers that be do not know enough about modern LRT and do not worry about competition from a “tram” What I find interesting is the USD $460 million cost […]


Roads & Rails = Dumb & Dumber

In BC, we are backward. In fact, we are not just backward, we are literally stone age when it comes to transit planning. Two stories; in Nevada the Boulder rail extension is part of the cost of a new highway and that the CNR sold Georgetown-Kitchener, Ont., rail line to Metrolinx for GO Transit commuter […]