Portland's aerial tramway.

Burnaby Jumps On the Gondola Bandwagon

Further proof that our regional politicians live in la,la land. Burnaby politicians want a $210 million plus gondola going to SFU. For added insult the gondola lobby is playing the environmental/global warming card, which is sheer utter nonsense. What Zwei sees is a municipal quid, pro quo between the three largest cities in metro Vancouver […]

For Those Who Want An Aerial Tramway To SFU

This has just happened and file it in “I told you so” department”. When things go wrong, they go wrong very badly. When aerial tramways fail, the result is catastrophic. Those who promote exotic transit modes do not think about safety or the constant maintenance needed to keep the transit mode safe. A recent comment […]


How Much Will The SFU Aerial Tramway Cost To Operate?

Cutting through TransLink’s hype and hoopla about the proposed aerial tramway to Simon Fraser University and despite their sham public input process, they remain mute on operating costs. This is a Trojan Horse, because the annual subsidies need to operate it must come from other regions in TransLink’s vast empire, notably the South Fraser. The […]


The Mayors Council’s Tunnel Vision

It is hard to believe, that group of hapless politicians have just signed a death warrant for transit in the region. The Mayors Council on Transit just gave the OK to build a SkyTrain subway to UBC, which means the rest of the region can kiss goodbye to any sort of credible transit planning for […]


Expo Line Goes Kaput – Canada line Ills – TransLink’s Bad Day

The aging SkyTrain system is having many troubles today. One of the big problems with expensive light-metro lines is the lack of redundancy in the system. With the huge costs to build just one line, only one line is built, unlike mature light rail systems, where multiple lines offers redundancy in the system if problems […]


Road Pricing – One More Slurp At The Trough

From Bob Mackin and the Breaker. Zwei has studied “Road Pricing” and “Congestion Charging” for over 20 years and the very first rule for a successful road pricing scheme is that the region have a user friendly and affordable public transit alternative. With TransLink we don’t…….. not even close and TransLink is so incompetent at […]


“Lightness” of light rail

TransLink, BC Transit, SNC Lavalin, UBC, SFU, and a host of North American Engineering firms, please take note! ThisAi??”lightness” of light rail – a combination of flexibility, low impact,Ai??modest cost, and environmental softness – is ephemeral. It mustAi??be carefullyAi??guarded. Ignorance orAi??ineptitude during the planning, design, specification writing, engineering, orAi??construction phases of a project can lose […]