Canada Line Chaos

Canada Line Ka-Put For Evening Rush Again! – CEO Kevin Desmond Must Resign!

Twice in three days, the Canada Line has called it quits during Monday’s evenings rush hour. Snow, again is the culprit, but really, that excuse is wearing thin. By world standards, it isn’t a lot of snow that has fallen (1 cm per hour) and with trains every three to five minutes crossing the bridge [...]

Canada Line Chaos

TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond Must Resign – Canada Line Chaos

Snow was predicted in Metro Vancouver 48 hours ago and today, when it snowed TransLink was completely unprepared! Eighteen buses were involved in collisions on Friday, but that is not the story. It is what happened on the Canada Line in Friday’s afternoon rush that demonstrates total incompetence at TransLink and ultimately TransLink’s CEO Kevin [...]

Abandon SkyTrain 4

Over to You Mr. Cow – The Vancouver Sun’s Recent “Puff” SkyTrain Story

This comment from Mr. Cow deserves a post of its own as there is so much information here, it deserves a wider audience. As Mr. Cow is a Canadian Transit Engineer, his comments are well worth reading. When SkyTrain ‘crapped-out’ in the Summer of 2014 there were no drivers or attendants to oversee the evacuation [...]


Compass Card Hack – Another Fine Mess TransLink Has Gotten Into

Not well reported in the mainstream media is the fact that the $200 million Compass Card/Fare gate system  is now next to useless because not so honest people can hack through the system. The Compass Card is old tech, sold to TransLink after an orchestrated campaign by the mainstream media that fare evasion was rampant [...]


The White Elephant Line

A white elephant is a possession which its owner cannot dispose of and whose cost, particularly that of maintenance, is out of proportion to its usefulness. To recap, the Canada Line is not a true P-3, rather a mock P-3, where SNC Lavalin/Bombardier, bid against, SNC Lavalin/ROTEM. Judge Pittfield who resided over the failed Susan [...]


One Tram Line Moving 250,000 Daily

On the radio last week I heard one of the SFU types go on and on about the Canada Line and how successful the mini-metro was. Really? Again, I have to remind everyone that the Canada Line has station platforms only 40m to 50m long and can operate 41m coupled sets of EMUs. The official [...]

Canada Line Platforms

Broadway Subway Reality Check – Toronto’s 8.6 km Spadina Line Subway Now $3.2 Billion!

For those of you who have been pooh-poohing, Zwei’s cost estimate for the Broadway subway, the following news item from Toronto should send a not too subtle message that subways are very expensive to build and are only built when there is the massive traffic flows that demand long trains and large stations to accommodate [...]


Shake Your Head In Disbelief Deptment

A snow broom in Sapporo Japan clears snow from the line. Yet in Richmond a mere dusting of snow and a trace of freezing rain brought the Canada Line to a halt. Really? Now, freezing rain and ice storms can stop trams from running, when ice shrouded electrical overhead sags due to weight and is [...]


Oops! Canada Line Problems

Compass Card problems and now the Canada Line goes ka-put, not a good start to 2016.   Monday morning issues on TransLink’s Canada Line Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk Gord MacDonald TransLink is reporting a problem on the Canada Line between the Bridgeport and Templeton Stations. Due [...]

Canada Line fire

A Bad Day For SkyTrain

Oops, a bad day for TransLink and the mini-metro system. Confusion reigns, as TransLink can’t even manage a coherent news story. Canada Line resumes after “fire incident” causes delays Vancouver, BC, Canada / News Talk 980 CKNW | Vancouver’s News. Vancouver’s Talk Simon Little December 29, 2015 Good news for rush hour commuters – TransLink [...]